Luxor Casino and Hotel review

Luxor Hotel and Casino (not to be confused for the Luxor Hotel in New York City) is one of the oldest casino complexes in Las Vegas and also one of the most recognizable structures in Las Vegas NV, with a distinctive structure that stands out majestically on the Las Vegas landscape. 

The Casino building is based on an Ancient Egyptian theme, complete with a pyramid that shoots a dramatic light beam into the night sky and an enormous sphinx guarding the entrance (a replica of the New York Sphinx). This resort location was originally built by Circus Circus Enterprises in 1993, but was subsequently acquired by MGM Mirage (now known as MGM Resorts International) in 2005.

Apart from being impressive on the outside, the building is just as awe-inspiring when you step into it. It has one of the largest open atriums in the world, a casino complex with plenty of gaming options, top-notch accommodations for guests, impeccable customer service, relaxing spas, restaurants, and other impressive amenities. 

Although numerous interior changes have been implemented over the years to scale down this Las Vegas resort’s Egyptian theme, the building exterior and some of its interior fixtures still retains this theme.

In addition to the hotel and casino amenities, visitors to the Luxor Las Vegas also get to enjoy electrifying entertainment and unfettered access to the city’s nightlife for a unique and memorable visit. Luxor is owned by MGM Resorts International and has a reputation as one of their most reasonably priced casinos in Los Angeles. (3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States)

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Luxor Casino and Hotel review
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Luxor Hotel Location

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is located at 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd south, Las Vegas NV 89119 on the south side of the Las Vegas strip. It is situated between two other well-known casinos in Las Vegas; the Excalibur and Mandalay Bay.

The highway network and Las Vegas International Airport are easily accessible and just a few minutes away from this central location (Las Vegas NV 89119). The nearby MGM Grand resort also has a monorail and efficient bus services that guests can use to access this location.

Thanks to the unique design of its buildings, the Luxor Hotel and Casino is hard to miss on the Las Vegas Blvd. The distinctive black mirrored pyramid-shaped structure stands out with a striking visual even on the already glamorous Las Vegas Blvd skyline The building design takes inspiration from ancient Egyptian architecture, with a large pyramid, sphinx and obelisk.

Visitors arriving at the Casino by car can access the valet and self-parking facilities through Frank Sinatra Drive. The cost of parking is determined by the length of your stay and your status within the casino Rewards Program. Holders of the M Life credit card are granted free self-parking.

The Casino

The Luxor Las features a 120,000-square-foot casino. When this casino location was opened in 1993, the casino floor had 2,500 slot machines, most of which were Egyptian-themed. In addition to these, there were 82 game tables, a large poker room, and a separate room for racing and sports books. During the resort’s renovation in 1996, a high-end gaming pit with additional machines and tables was added to the property.

The casino floor at Luxor is modestly decorated. While it doesn't quite compete with the luxurious surroundings of some of the more expensive venues in Las Vegas, it is one of the largest gambling arenas in the area and offers everything that the casino fan would expect. In addition, the casino photo gallery displays pictures of iconic moments the gambling floor.

Luxor is considered one of the biggest gaming spaces in all of Las Vegas. The Casino’s Egyptian theme has been heavily scaled down over the years, but some aspects of the interior decor at this location still celebrate Egyptian history, with statues of pharaohs, murals, and other forms of custom artwork cementing the central theme in some of the resort’s public spaces.

Table Games

Table game fans can enjoy from an impressive list of more than 87 games, with tables spread across the sides and center of the casino floor. They include multiple varieties of casino classics like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, along with newer additions such as Craps, Pai Gow Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, and other specialty events.

Slot Machines

For those who enjoy slot gaming, there is a solid selection of over 1,100 slot machines on the casino floor. Their roster of slot titles at this site includes a wide selection of classic machines. However, the majority are modern video slots, offering high-definition graphics and immersive gameplay.

There is also a dedicated tournament section, which hosts daily slots competitions. It includes popular slot titles such as Willy Wonka, Wheel Of Fortune, and Ski Pinball, along with a High Stakes area for those who want to wager higher prices to increase their winnings.

Sports Betting

Sports betting fans are well served with a large sportsbook section at this Casino. Luxor’s BetMGM sportsbook arena is a modern betting arena featuring numerous plasma TVs, each with individual seats and monitors.

Sports betting enthusiasts can watch and wager on different types of horse racing tournaments and other sporting events from within and outside the country at this location. Some of the events you can watch and wager on at Luxor Hotel Las Vegas weekly include Pro and College Football, Basketball, Baseball, soccer, Boxing, and Car Racing.

In addition to these, there is a dedicated eSports arena at the center of the facility where visitors can watch and bet on the outcome of professional video game competitions going on live within the arena. When this arena was opened at the Luxor hotel in March 2018, it was the first e-sports venue on the Las Vegas Strip and the second one of its kind in the entire Las Vegas Valley.

The facility was added as part of efforts to attract Millennials to the Casino. As of 2023, the Arena had hosted 700 events with more than 500,000 people in attendance.

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MGM Resorts Rewards

When they sign up to become an exclusive member, visitors at Luxor Hotel Las Vegas can earn MGM reward points for every activity they participate in at the resort. Activities that qualify members for more rewards include hotel stays, parking, dining, or playing at the Casino. These points can be redeemed for exclusive perks and benefits at the resorts such as a restaurant dining experience, flight tickets, discount prices, complementary bed, breakfast, and cruise.

Accrued points on the MGM Rewards card can also be used for table matches and video lottery terminals on any participating MGM Rewards destination in America. This means you can get even more rewards as you redeem your points. The higher your Tier Status, the higher the number of exclusive offers and more rewards you get to enjoy.

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View on the Luxor Pyramid.


The Luxor Hotel pyramid in Las Vegas NV is 30 stories tall, with rooms lining the interior walls of the buildings. The walkways outside the hotel suites overlook the large atrium. The pyramid has 8 inclined elevators to bring guests to their rooms. Visitors can use the date picker available on the hotel's website to check in selected dates.

In addition to the main pyramid building, there are two hotel towers located just north of the pyramid. The 2000 additional rooms in the extra complexes bring the total number of rooms at the Luxor Hotel and Casino to 4,4000. This makes Luxor Hotel one of the largest hotel-casino complexes in Las Vegas. Most of these rooms are competitively priced and come at comparatively cheaper prices compared to nearby hotels. Standard room sizes are 420 square feet, but you can opt for a tower room at 449 square feet.

Check-in lines at this site can get somewhat long. While the staff are efficient, it helps if you can avoid peak times or use the online date picker to book ahead of your arrival.

The rooms come with elegant and moderate decor. While they do not match the opulence of the rooms offered by other high-end facilities on the Las Vegas strip, they’re neat and well-furnished. Guests looking to enjoy a little luxury can choose from a range of high-end suites like the Pyramid Corner Suite and the Tower Two Bedroom Penthouse.

The property amenities are even more impressive, with a large outdoor pool complex, eco-friendly toiletries in all rooms, public parking, blackout curtains in the rooms, an inviting spa with a hot tub, steam room, in-room safe, hairdryer, and other amenities. Entertainment options at the resort are quite good, too, with the famous Blue Man Group and other live entertainment options available on site.

Luxor Hotel and Casino guests also have access to Wi-Fi for internet access, the hotel pool, the fitness center, and other amenities when they pay the nightly resort fee.

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Leisure at Luxor Casino and Hotel

Visitors at the Casino looking for more opportunities for fun and more adventures can check out any of the other leisure options available on the property. Like most of the major casino complexes in Las Vegas, the hotel has a spa and fitness center as one of the property amenities.

The Luxor hotel spa is located near the Michelob Ultra Arena where visitors can go after a relaxing massage. The spa provides a wide selection of health and beauty treatments, including massages, facial treatments, hair services, body treatments shower, dry sauna, manicures, steam room, and waxing. Book spa dates and sessions ahead of time and based on availability to get the best prices.

The fitness area is open most of the day and offers the full complement of exercise machines. For those who want to cool off with a swim, there is over 19,000 square feet of pool space. The hotel used to boast of a long list of themed recreational areas and events in the past, but many of these have been closed down as part of efforts to scale down the Egyptian elements in the resort’s design.

For instance, when the resort was opened, it featured a paid 15-minute long indoor Nile River Tour that allowed visitors to explore different parts of the pyramids while exploring various kinds of ancient artwork. This was closed down a few years later. The resort also had a King Tut's Tomb and neon museum with several replica artifact exhibition. This was opened in December 1993 but was shut down in 2008.

A 1,500-seat venue known as the Luxor Theater, hosts regular theatrical performances and live entertainment from groups like the Blue Man Group on selected dates. A 14,000 Square Miles indoor playground is currently under construction at the Luxor hotel and Casino, which is expected to be completed and open to the public this year.

Restaurants and Bars

The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV 89119 offers a good range of dining options for hotel guests and gamblers, whether they simply want breakfast or an all-you-can-eat buffet. In fact, Gourmet named Luxor as one of the top 50 resorts in the United States in 1997 due to the number and quality of its restaurants.

The resort has a bustling food court, and many popular food outlets such as Starbucks and Backstage Deli where visitors can get a quick breakfast or any other meal of the day. There are also several modestly-priced restaurants that offer a selection of cuisines, from Mexican to Chinese.

For fine dining, there is only one venue in this location: Tender Steak and Seafood. Visitors at the casino can proceed to this restaurant for an impressive choice of wet and dry-aged steaks and an array of tasty seafood buffet.

Although there is no nightclub at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, there are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down. Try the Temptation Sunday's pool party or proceed to any of the five separate bars for more adventures.

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Although some visitors might be disappointed that the Luxor Hotel and Casino doesn't have more of the Egyptian theme beyond the external architectural features (due to the resolve of MGM Resorts International to tone down on the Egyptian aesthetics), overall, this is a solid Las Vegas venue. It provides a selection of machines, tables, a casino photo gallery, and property amenities that should satisfy most casino fans.

The available rooms have great amenities that cater to the needs of guests. The blackout curtains provide privacy for guests, and there are other room perks such as the steam room, hot tub, in-room safe, eco-friendly toiletries, a hair dryer, and complementary breakfast. The spa provides a body treatments shower and other amenities that make for a relaxing stay.

With ample accommodation and a host of tempting restaurants and bars, Luxor provides an affordable and easy-going casino option. Planning a visit to Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV? Check out the resort site for more details about the casino, hotel rooms, restaurant, and other facilities offered by this resort. It's not enough to have visited the previous month or some other time in the past; always check the select date of your visit for reservations and availability before you proceed to Las Vegas NV.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Luxor Las Vegas

Does Luxor Las Vegas have casinos?

Yes, Luxor Las Vegas has a spacious casino for gambling enthusiasts. The casino covers 120,000 square feet and offers more than 2,500 slot machines, 87 table events, a dedicated poker room, casino photo gallery, and an arena for race and sports books.

Does Luxor Las Vegas have a spa?

Yes, Luxor Las Vegas has a spa where guests can enjoy various kinds of body treatments. You can spend the day in a hot tub, steam room, sauna, and other forms of relaxing self-care.

Does Luxor serve free drinks?

Yes, Luxor offers free cocktail services to all playing customers at the Casino.

Does Luxor have a poker room?

Yes, Luxor Las Vegas has a 9-table poker room that’s open to players every day. Although it is a medium-sized venue, Luxor’s poker room offers a decent spread of variety in its poker offerings.

Does Luxor Las Vegas have video slot machines?

Yes, visitors at the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas can try their luck at any of the slot machines at the Casino. There are over 1,100 slots and multi-game machines, and gamblers can play with denominations as low as $0.01 to up to $100.

Does Luxor have a nightclub?

The Hotel itself does not have a nightclub any longer. The LAX nightclub, which opened in 2007, used to be a popular celebrity destination until it was shut down in 2017. Visitors looking for a night of fun and more adventures can still explore nightlife at the nearby MGM Resorts or spend time at the Centra, Aurora, or Flight bars. These exotic bars provide a fun escape from all the gambling action going on at the Casino.

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