Casino games

Online casinos offer South African players an incredible choice of games, all available with high-definition, immersive technology, that can be overwhelming to casino gaming newcomers. In this section, we offer tips and advice on how to play three of the most well-known casino games: Roulette, Blackjack and slots. Players will learn the rules of these games, how to play them through online casinos, and, because even casino regulars can benefit from bushing up on their gaming strategy, we offer advice on strategy and tactics that can help players to maximise their wins and minimize their losses.

Casino games


Roulette is probably the most famous casino game in the world, synonymous with the unique casino atmospheres of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Our guide on How To Play Roulette Online explains where the game comes from how, how the online version differs from the original. It also outlines how the game is played, running through everything from the layout of the roulette wheel to the range of possible bets, and the process of wagering.

The guide also lays out the variety of online Roulette games available to South African players, from standard French, American or European Roulette to exotic variations such as Mini Roulette and Two-Wheel Roulette. When it comes to Roulette strategy, there are tips that can help players to improve their chances, and we discuss these, including the importance of staking plans and taking advantage of online casino bonuses.


Many people are familiar with the game of Blackjack, but while the game may be simple at its core, there are many available varieties of Blackjack for South African online casino players to try and our guide on How To Play Blackjack Online lists some of the most well-known variations, including European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and Super Fun 21.

Although the game is simple, online Blackjack terminology can be confusing to newcomers, so our guide runs through the most common examples, explaining what terms such as Push, Split, Insurance or Double mean when playing online Blackjack. Finding ways to reduce the house edge is the key to success at online Blackjack and our guide also offers advice on important elements of Blackjack strategy, such as when to choose Surrender or Double, whether to take side bets, and whether two deck or eight deck games are preferable.

Slot machines

Without doubt, the most high profile games available in online South African casinos are the slots. South African players have access to hundreds of titles, many of them featuring immersive 3D graphics and video technology. Our guide on How To Play Online Slots goes through the four main kinds of online slots that South African players will encounter, and outlines the differences between Three-Reel, Five-Reel, Video Slots and Progressive Jackpot games, as well as explaining the basics of how to play online slots games.

Our guide sets out the important difference between online slots and original slots, and explains why players can trust the outcomes of online slots games. For those who want to take their play to the next level or who want to brush up on their technique, the guide also offers some helpful advice on slots strategy, covering such areas as the importance of looking out for bonuses, practicing in free mode, studying the pay tables and managing your bankroll.

These helpful articles will help you to get more out of your online gaming, and will hopefully help you to minimise your losses and maximise your winnings when you play online Roulette, Blackjack and slots with South African casinos.