Online Sic Bo Guide

Online Sic Bo has grabbed a lot of popularity within South Africa recently. Part of this is because it originated in China, which is quite close to South Africa in terms of proximity. Nonetheless, it is a dice game that goes from a single die to three dice.

Sic Bo means “precious dice,” also known as Tai Sai, dai sui, or hi-lo. Playing Sic Bo online provides opportunities to bet at various risk levels, depending on your tolerance. However, the riskier your online Sic Bo bets, the more money you win.

The fun begins with the three-dice roll, adding intrigue if you play Sic Bo at a land-based casino. We’ll cover the basic rules of the Sic Bo dice game, the Sic Bo tables, and the live versions. You’ll also learn a few strategies to boost your chances when playing real-money Sic Bo.

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Online Sic Bo Guide

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Sic Bo at Online Casinos

This dice game might be popular in Las Vegas casinos today, but Chinese immigrants brought it to the United States. The online Sic Bo game (or Dai Sui) has spread to other countries, including South Africa. You can play Sic Bo online or visit the Sic Bo table at land casinos in the country.

Sic Bo is played with three dice, sticking to its ancient Chinese origins. It joins other dice games like roulette and Craps. However, roulette uses a single dice, while Craps uses two dice, both differing from online Sic Bo.

You might find a few variations with added betting options. However, this ancient Chinese game has kept to its original gameplay.

Sic Bo is like other online dice games, where random number generators control how the three dice land. Players bet on what they think will happen after the three-dice roll.

It's like other random casino games where the player must wager against the casino to win. That means the house edge varies depending on the player’s wager. Some of the payouts can also be lower than those of a video slot.

Playing Sic Bo online leaves you to chance. You can apply a Sic Bo strategy to improve your chances, but the three-dice roll remains random. Nevertheless, it requires a slightly higher learning curve than Craps with two dice.

Many online casinos in South Africa offer online Sic Bo. Also, you can play the three-dice game on your smartphone, provided you have an internet connection.

Close games to Sic Bo include Grand Hazard and Chuck a Luck. While the latter is a game of chance played with three dice, we rarely see it in online casinos.

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Betting Options in Online Sic Bo

Once loaded, you’ll find the online Sic Bo table on your screen. The dice shaker will not be present since you are playing with virtual dice.

Playing online Sic Bo essentially involves predicting the dice combinations after a three-dice roll. You can also bet on a single number. However, Sic Bo bets have varying payouts, some bigger than others.

The three dice are rolled or shaken simultaneously. Here are the :

Small or Big Bets

The small or big bet involves the total score of the three dice. For big bets, the dice total must be between 11 and 17. Conversely, the dice total must be between 4 and 10 for the small bet.

Big and small bets carry the least risk in the online Sic Bo game. However, they have the lowest payout. A small bet pays 1:1, and the big bet pays 1:1. We expect new players to begin with big and small bets as they build their confidence in riskier betting options.

Even and Odd Number Bets

The three dice combinations can yield even or odd numbers after a dice roll. You can bet on this number combination. Odd bets pay when the three-dice number combination results in an odd number.

Even bets pay when the three-dice combination yields an even number. Like big and small bets, even and odd stakes pay 1:1 because of their low risk.

Specific Triple Bets

This betting option has payout odds of 180:1 because of the house edge. It is risky, as it requires picking a specific number. The specific triple bets win if your chosen number appears on all three dice.

Specific Double Bet

It shares similarities with the specific triples. However, instead of your chosen number appearing on three dice, it appears on two of the dice. There is no option for double bets.

You can combine this bet with other options. However, you’ll lose if the roll results in a triple.

Any Triple Bet (the house)

This betting option is less risky than the specific triples. You bet on any number appearing on all the dice to form a triple. Its payout odds are 30:1, still a considerable increase from small bets.

Single-Number Bet

You can bet that a specific number will appear on one die. There are a few add-ons to this dice bet. First, your payout depends on how many times your number appears.

The single-number dice bet can give a payout of 3:1.

Combination Bet

This option specifies two specific numbers on the dice when rolled. The payout is 5:1 for any combination.

Total Bets

Finally, there are total bets. These pay out between 60/1 and 6/1, depending on your total. A total of 4 or 17 is the 60/1 payout, and 10 or 11 is the 6/1 payout.

Super Sic Bo

Screenshot of playing Super Sic Bo (live game) from Evolution.

House Edge and the Sic Bo Table

Most casino games, like slots, have a fixed house edge. However, the house edge on the Sic Bo table varies depending on the bet. While this change does not affect your payout odds, it can influence which bets you pick when playing online Sic Bo.

The house edge in online Sic Bo can range from 2.78% to 29.17%. You can calculate it by multiplying the difference between the winning and losing probabilities by the payout ratio. Hence, there is no online Sic Bo strategy to reduce the house edge.

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How to Play Online Sic Bo

You can start with the free online Sic Bo table before the real-money version when you play online. Most real-money casinos that offer the game have both versions. However, you can only play with real cash at a live dealer casino.

Here are the general steps to play online Sic Bo:

  • Register with an online casino that offers Sic Bo
  • Fund your account with the amount you want to bet
  • Load the game
  • Place your bet
  • For the live version, wait for the dealer to close a round before betting
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Live Versions

There are also live dealer versions when playing Sic Bo online. These are generally the same as the game’s standard version but with a live dealer to help players through the proceedings. It provides a lot of fun and makes things a bit more immersive for players.

Most online casinos in South Africa with live dealer games have Sic Bo in their catalog. Some offer casino bonus deals for games in their live rooms.

Game Providers of Sic Bo

Online casinos don’t produce the Sic Bo game. Instead, they partner with providers to feature the game on their sites. Popular providers that offer Sic Bo include the following:

  • Evolution: Super Sic Bo
  • Pragmatic Play: Mega Sic Bo
  • BGaming: Sic Bo
  • Wazdan: Sic Bo Dragons

These providers have various games in their catalogue worth exploring.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to get used to online casino games is to play through the demo version first. This allows you to get a feel for the game and work out the best strategy to take.

You’ll deal with a random number generator when you play online Sic Bo. Fortunately, the demo version offers the same statistical chances as the game’s standard version. This is why it's the best way to get up to speed with how to play Sic Bo.

It's not just practice that helps players increase their chances, though. There are also regular promotions at online casinos. By finding the very best promotions, you can add them to your bankroll and increase your budget.

The best bonuses can be found by reading different online casino reviews. These reviews will make it easier to see which online casinos offer the best bonuses.

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Getting the Best Casino to Play Sic Bo

The house edge in Sic Bo can increase to 29%. Hence, you need a casino that offers swift payouts and optimum assurance.

Here are a few tips for getting the best online gaming platform for Sic Bo:

  • Opt for casinos with quick, reliable, and local payment options
  • Ensure other casino games work on mobile
  • Verify the casino’s licenses
  • Ensure customer support is responsive and effective
  • Review the wagering requirements for live casino bonuses
  • Check the casino for mobile compatibility
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Maximizing Your Payouts

This all depends on the version of online Sic Bo that you choose to play. The game’s standard version has a maximum payout of 60/1. This is by landing the 4 or 17 total number bet.

Regarding the maximum payout received, that depends on the size of the stake. A VIP version of Sic Bo will allow for higher stakes and, therefore, higher payouts.

It's not just the size of the stake that can increase the payout, though. Other variants offer side bets and even progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot size can be significant, depending on the game variant.

Therefore, you must review everything the Sic Bo game offers before playing. Compare with other variants at other casinos to get the best and maximize your payout.

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We’ve covered everything you need in this brief Sic Bo guide. The game is popular in South African online casinos. Hence, it shouldn’t be challenging to find.

Review several variants from different providers to get the one that suits you. If you are a high-roller, pick variants and casinos that allow you to place large bets. You’ll also need casinos with high withdrawal limits to support your weekly or monthly withdrawals.

Ensure you stick to responsible gaming while enjoying the intrigue Sic Bo offers. Use deposit and loss limits to minimize your losses. You can also add timeouts to keep you from pursuing losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sic Bo

Can I play Sic Bo for free?

Most casinos offer free Sic Bo in their table game lobby. However, it might be limited to registered players. You can register and play without funding your account.

Which is the best casino to play Sic Bo?

Read reviews and player feedback before signing up with any casino. You can also review the licenses, interface, mobile compatibility, game quality, and customer support to get the best.

Can I bet on two dice to have the same number?

Betting on two dice having the same number is called a specific double bet. You must specify the number before betting.

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