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EasyEFT is a payment method that makes it convenient for players to fund their online casino accounts. Online gambling sites must accept various payment methods to give their users flexibility and choice. EasyEFT is a South African company that facilitates online financial transactions. This means that casinos in South Africa can connect their platforms to easily accept payments from players and South African banks.

EasyEFT online casinos can be trusted because they are secure and protect the financial data of users. The platform also supports the South African Rand, meaning players do not have to pay currency conversion fees when making deposits. Another advantage that EasyEFT has is proper integration with South African casinos which allows smooth transfer of casino deposits.

The popularity of online gambling has grown in South Africa which has raised the demand for competent ways to make Rand deposits at casinos in South Africa. We will examine everything you should know about EasyEFT casinos, including their benefits, how to use the payment method and other important information. Here is all you need to know about the EasyEFT payment method and EasyEFT casinos.

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EasyEFT casinos

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What Is EasyEFT?

EasyEFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is a relatively young payment system and South African company. It is a payment processor that allows South African players to fund their casino accounts directly from their bank accounts. The payment method supports most South African banks, including Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, and all the major banks that serve South African players.

The EasyEFT payment service facilitates electronic funds transfers for online casinos accepting EasyEFT. Players with an EasyEFT casino account can make a deposit directly from their bank account. They will also receive bonuses, rewards, and bonus spins on their online casino accounts. Casinos that accept EasyEFT are more secure during casino payments as the money stays within the banking system and eliminates credit card fraud and other shady activities.

EasyEFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment method is one of the most secure methods available to South African players. It uses a simple process in which one person sends money directly from their bank account to another bank account. The money never leaves the banking system, which makes EasyEFT a secure payment option for most online casinos in South Africa.

For example, by using a credit card, players may expose their online casino account to security lapses because the payment option is not as secure as EasyEFT. Furthermore, EasyEFT is also quicker than writing a check to deposit funds into your casino account. Casinos in South Africa that accept EasyEFT payments, process deposits and withdrawals faster than other online casinos.

EasyEFT is a version of the EFT process designed specifically for South African residents. It is the same as regular EFT but is only available to those with a South African bank account. Many South Africans already use EasyEFT to pay for a wide range of services, and now you can use it to deposit funds at their trusted online casino.

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Benefits of Using EasyEFT Online Casinos

There are numerous benefits players get when they gamble at an EasyEFT casino. These benefits give players a more comfortable experience and give the casinos an edge over most online gambling sites. Here are some of the benefits players will enjoy from using the EasyEFT payment method:

Currency Support

EasyEFT supports the Rand so players can deposit funds directly into their online casino account. In addition, players do not need to pay currency conversion fees when they gamble at EasyEFT casinos. Winnings and bonuses gotten from playing casino games can also be calculated in Rand, which makes it easier for players in South Africa.


The EasyEFT payment service is a secure payment option that only requires players to enter their bank account details to make a transfer. EasyEFT casinos are safer than other online casinos because no card details are needed when making payments. EasyEFT is also considered a safe banking method because all the transfers occur within the banking sector and there is no external influence.

Seamless Payments

EasyEFT withdrawals and deposits are handled seamlessly and do not take a long time to reflect in user accounts. When South Africans at an online casino make a withdrawal request, it is processed directly to the player's account. Whether via bank transfer or wire transfer, EasyEFT casinos process payments quickly and the EasyEFT fees are minimal.

Limited Gambling Expenses

EasyEFT casinos in South Africa make it easy for their players to manage their bankroll. Unlike credit cards that allow overdrafts where players can spend more than their balance, EasyEFT casinos only allow players to use the money in their bank balance. Players should make a bank transfer containing the amount they are comfortable using to gamble from their bank account EasyEFT online casino account.

Reliable South African Service

EasyEFT casinos are extremely reliable for players in South Africa. The EasyEFT payment gateway was developed and designed in South Africa, which gives it an edge over other payment options. It is headquartered in Mauritius and it provides a seamless way for players in South Africa to make bank transfers.

No Credit/Debit Cards

EasyEFT casinos in South Africa do not require players to use credit or debit cards. Online casinos that accept EasyEFT allow direct bank deposits and transfers from players in South Africa. EasyEFT Casinos are more secure because they do not need the external interference that other payment options use.

10Bet EFT payment

Using a EFT payment option at 10Bet casino.

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How To Use EasyEFT?

Players must gamble at EasyEFT casinos if they want to use the payment method. There are many recommended EasyEFT casinos available online, and players are encouraged to select new online casinos carefully. Once you have found a casino that suits your needs and offers the facility to make EasyEFT deposits, the next step is to create an account.

After creating your account on the gambling site, the process required to deposit funds is simple. Just click on the relevant icon or on-screen option and you will be guided through the process. To make an Easy EFT deposit, you will need your bank account number and a routing number. The routing number identifies your bank's location and can be found on your bank statement or chequebook. Top EasyEFT casinos have a smooth interface that users can use to navigate paying with EasyEFT.

By using Easy EFT, you are effectively creating a link between your account and the online casino's cashier. The money is transferred within the banking system. Transfers usually go through immediately. When using Easy EFT, there is no need to go through a currency transfer process as it is designed to work with the Rand. It is worth noting that many casinos require a minimum deposit when using Easy EFT, usually in the range of 20 to 25 Rand. This minimum deposit must be met if players want to claim the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, or any other bonus offer available to players.

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Where To Use EasyEFT?

The number of casinos that offer EasyEFT is growing all the time. You can generally find the best EasyEFT casinos with an internet search. You could also look at the banking details page of online casinos. If you have found a casino that suits your playing style but aren't sure if they offer EasyEFT deposits, you can always join the casino and then ask. You may even find that some of the best EasyEFT casinos offer a deposit bonus for using the EasyEFT payment option.

One EasyEFT casino players should check out is the ZAR casino. The casino has loads of bonuses for EasyEFT users including a welcome bonus and other bonus offers. It also has a VIP program that makes its users eligible to win bigger rewards and get personalized services such as a dedicated account manager and birthday gifts.

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Does Using EasyEFT Limit My Choice Of Games?

In a word, no! If your casino offers the EasyEFT deposit method, then you can use your funds to play any of their games. The best EasyEFT online casinos have numerous casino games available for their users including slots, video poker, and table games. You should avoid playing at just one online casino and try to check out the available games at other EasyEFT casinos.

Most South African casino websites also support smartphone and tablet access. Therefore, players would be able to make EasyEFT deposits while gambling on their mobile devices. Mobile gambling allows players to enjoy casino games on the go and without any fuss.

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Is EASYEFT safe?

Safety is a major concern when transferring money, and both casinos and players are keen to ensure that such transactions are secure. Easy EFT is one of the safest methods of money transfer available because the money never leaves the banking system. Players are also not required to input any card details directly into the online casino when making the transaction. This protects users' financial data from breaches and bad actors, as these are the only threats you face when using EasyEFT.

EasyEFT Online casinos employ some of the most up-to-date security and encryption systems available. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, 128-bit encryption, and other top security measures to protect players while they gamble. EasyETF casinos do not also share user data with third-party data brokers or other data traders.

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Pros and Cons of EasyEFT

There are positives and negatives associated with gambling at an EasyEFT casino. In this section, we will discuss the pros of these online casinos while highlighting the potential downsides.


  • Players can instantly deposit Rands into their accounts from any bank of their choice. This means that there are no conversion fees accrued.
  • There are little to no fees associated with using EasyEFT for deposits and withdrawals.
  • It protects users from fraud because they will not have to share their personal banking information with any casino.
  • All deposits made using EasyEFT reflect almost immediately and do not take time to process.
  • EasyEFT is a broadly available payment option in many South African casinos.
  • There is no registration process required for players to use EasyEFT for withdrawals and deposits.


  • Some players do not fully trust EasyEFT because it is a new payment method.
  • Withdrawals may sometimes take up to two days depending on the bank.
  • The fees charged during transfers depend on the bank as the price varies.
  • There is no anonymity for players who use EasyEFT as their preferred payment option.
  • You must have a bank account to use this service.

Check the banking page of your favourite South African EasyEFT casino for more details on the payment options and their terms. Players should also familiarise themselves with the pros and cons of this method so that they know what to expect.

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EasyEFT casinos make it easy for players to send and receive money from casinos in South Africa. The company creates a secure gateway using its technology that allows the transfer of funds with minimal risk. Players will also not be required to enter their banking details into the casino during the transfer process.

Users of the EasyEFT payment method are also eligible for bonuses like the welcome bonus found at most casinos. This gives EasyEFT an edge over other types of payment methods like e-wallets that are blocked from receiving deposits.

On the game front, players will have access to popular titles and hit games from the biggest studios when they gamble at EasyEFT online casinos.

For players looking for a secure online casino with smooth payment, EasyEFT casinos are the answer. These casinos have some of the top games from the biggest providers in the industry. They also have a mobile gambling option that is great for players who want to gamble on the go. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about EasyEFT

Is EasyEFT safe to use?

Yes, EasyEFT is safe to use. You pay directly from your bank account, so you don't have to share credit card details. The secure network used by EasyEFT ensures that players are protected when they make deposits and reduces the influence of outside actors. Players should ensure that they use only recommended casinos and they should also look out for certifications from top agencies like eCOGRA. The certification from these agencies is a surefire way for players to determine which casinos they can trust.

Do many online casinos support EasyEFT?

Yes, although EasyEFT is not common in a lot of international online casinos, most of the sites listed on this page do accept EasyEFT. It is a common payment method in South Africa and players are encouraged to browse through the available list of casinos before they select one to gamble at.

Is EasyEFT expensive?

No, the transaction fees of EasyEFT transfers are low. Most online casinos do not calculate extra fees for usage. The fees also vary depending on the bank so players are encouraged to check out the fees charged by their bank before they proceed with the transaction.

What banks offer EasyEFT payments?

Most of the banks offer EasyEFT because it is a payment solution that targets the South African market. A few examples of the banks supported include Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB, and Nedbank. South Africans can rest assured that their preferred bank is supported by EasyEFT. Players who wish to gamble at EasyEFT casinos should ensure that they check the terms and conditions before they proceed to make payments via their bank.

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