Wagering Requirements

The South African online casino market has grown dramatically. Things get competitive as more online casino operators launch their platforms for players. In other words, the race to get and retain players intensifies beyond having exciting online casino games.

We expect casino sites to offer entertaining games, but more platforms do that today. Hence, online casino operators turn to casino bonus deals to attract and retain players. You can win casino bonus money, free spins, or some exclusive access to keep you returning for more.

Online casino bonus offers come with wagering requirements. Fulfilling them unlocks the bonus money or free spins. Hence, we’ll explain how they work and how to beat them.

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Wagering Requirements
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Casino Wagering Requirements and How They Work

The foundation of wagering requirements is knowing how wagering works. Notwithstanding, they exceed the bets you place on the casino games, considering how, where, and how much you can bet.

Wagering requirements are conditions operators place on online casino bonuses (broadly). Some online casinos will detect how you spend the bonus money. That can include how much you can bet on a single game round and how long you must spend the bonus money.

Other terms used to describe wagering requirements include the following:

  • Playthrough requirements
  • Rollover requirements

Online casinos place wagering requirements on promotional offers, including no-deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses, free spins, etc. We still have some that offer wager-free bonuses.

Wagering requirements are not exclusive to online casino bonuses. They are also available in online sports betting, where you can receive free bets.

How Wagering Requirements Work

Most casinos have wagering requirements on their bonus offers. A few terms worth knowing are as follows:

  • Deposit amount: This refers to your own money-for welcome casino bonuses, that will be your initial deposit. Furthermore, this money stays in your primary account.
  • Bonus money: This refers to the money from the casino. You’ll find it in your bonus balance once it’s available.

The primary components of a wagering requirement include the following:

Eligible Games

Most online casinos limit their bonuses to specific games. Bonus money often has the most versatility in this regard. You can play different games, wagering as you go.

Free spins are more restrictive. Often, you’ll have free spins on a specific game. You can’t play other slot games with the free spins if that happens.

Similarly, an online bookmaker might make its free bet available on only one upcoming match. Game eligibility applies to different bonuses.

Maximum Bet

You can place bets with the bonus amount. However, many casinos max out how much you can bet, whether you start a new game or continue with a previous one.

The maximum bet on the bonus amount will affect your winnings. For example, a bonus money with a maximum wager of R50 and win of 50x can only produce R2,500.

This wagering requirement might apply to all the money in your account. Otherwise, it will apply only to the bonus money.

A maximum wager can also apply to free spins. While playing the qualifying games, you can only wager so much.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is often the primary wagering requirement for online casino bonuses. You can’t beat the wagering requirements without first activating the casino bonus. Like other wagering requirements, this amount will be in fine print (on the casino’s website).

Time Limit

Some casino bonus deals remain valid for a long time. However, they have an eventual expiry date. That ranges from deposit bonuses to cashback offers and other regular promotions.

The expiration date is available in fine print on the casino’s website. Read through the casino bonus details.

The Bet Amount

Bonuses might be free money or spins, but the casino determines how much you must bet. This part is crucial to any bonus offer. Sometimes, you must reach beyond the bonus money to your primary account to fulfil it.

The bet amount refers to how much you must wager to unlock your winnings. Online casinos often use how often to wager for this part.

For example, you can have a 10x wagering requirement. That means you must wager the bonus money 10 times.

Even free spins will have this aspect. To wager free spins, you must use a bet size that will fulfil the wagering requirements. Keep that in mind while enjoying the slot games.

Running out of cash before meeting this wagering requirement forfeits your winnings. Also, it can be too high to achieve even when playing the best slots and games.

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How to Calculate Wagering Requirements

We’ll give you a quick wagering requirements calculator to calculate the bet amount for any bonus offer.

Let’s use deposit bonuses as an example.

Case Study: Casino X offers a 100% deposit bonus deal with a 15x wagering requirement.

A R100 payment returns R100. This bonus money is available to bet on slots and other casino games.

The 15x wagering requirement means R100 x 15, equaling R1,500.

Therefore, we can derive the following:

Wagering requirement = multiplier X bonus amount

What the Multiplier Means

We’ve covered how wagering requirements work, but the multiplier demands more explanation. You are not losing any money to complete the wagering requirements. Instead, you are wagering the amount as the multiplier determines.

Consider a 100% deposit bonus with a 15x wagering requirement. A R200 payment returns R200. Therefore, you need a R3,000 wager (R200 x 15) to unlock the winnings.

You can win while wagering that amount. Moreover, you won’t place one large wager, but a series of bets that add up to R3,000. Play the games and entertain yourself while watching your wager.

Multipliers can be high or low. Some casinos have as little as 10x, while others apply 45x and above.

The higher the multiplier, the more challenging beating the wagering requirement becomes.

Consider the example above with a 200x wagering requirement. That means wagering R40,000 to cash out your winnings.

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Casino Bonuses with Wagering Requirements

The following bonuses often have wagering requirements:

  • No-deposit bonus: A no-deposit bonus is often a casino’s reward for registering. It requires no deposit for activation. A no-deposit offer can be bonus money or free spins, and it is often small.
  • Deposit bonus: This offer requires a deposit amount for activation. Then, the casino will match the deposit amount by a specific percentage. You must deposit a certain amount to qualify for deposit bonus deals.
  • Reloads and cashback: Online casinos offer these bonuses to reward you for depositing and playing games. They are often percentages of your wagers or losses within a specific period.
  • Free spins: Cash is not the only reward at online casinos. Free spins can also be available for your deposited money. They can apply to deposit bonus deals or be offered when you reach specific milestones in the VIP program.

Welcome bonuses can take any form mentioned above. Also, the bonuses in South Africa may differ from those for UK players, even at the same casino. The wagering requirements can also differ.

For example, you can have a 10x wagering requirement while players in other countries get 15x. Ensure you have no active VPNs when activating bonuses.

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Games and Their Percentage Contributions

The games you can play with bonuses include the following:

  • Online slots: You can play slots with cash bonuses or free spins. Both offers can be available as a single promotion or as exclusives. Slot machines are based on reel spins, making free spins more optimized. Free spins are limited to specific slots, while free money extends to other games.
  • Table games: Roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack, etc. contribute to bonuses. Sometimes, you can get exclusive casino bonuses (cash or free bets) on table games.
  • Live casino games: Most live dealer game casino bonuses come as cash. Nonetheless, some casinos offer free chips instead. Whichever is available (cash or chips), you can play live dealer games to complete the wagering requirements.
  • Instant games: Except otherwise stated, most instant games do not contribute to wagering requirements. They are often excluded from bonuses, except where cash is available.

How games contribute to wagering requirements

The play-through multiplier is a vital aspect of wagering requirements. Free spins are easier to deal with, unlike bonus money. That is because free spins are limited to specific games, removing the need for game contributions from other titles.

Percentage contribution is the extent your wager on a specific game counts towards the wagering multiplier (total amount). Some games put in more, while others contribute less. You’ll find this information in the bonus description.

We can’t determine how much slots and table games contribute to wagering requirements. Casino sites decide how they want their bonuses used. Notwithstanding, we will show you how to know which games to play when fulfilling wagering requirements with money.

A game with a 100% contribution returns your entire bet towards the wagering requirements. Slot machines, including high-volatility slot games, often contribute 100% to most casino bonuses.

Table games can contribute as little as 10%. Hence, playing table games will take longer to complete the wagering requirements.

Live dealer games often contribute a small percentage to the wagering requirements. The reason for this disparity falls on the casino platforms.

Casino operators gain more from slots than table or live dealer games. Hence, they structure bonuses to favour slots more. That makes you spend more money on slots when fulfilling wagering requirements.

Your bet can come from your deposit or bonus account. Most bonuses begin with your deposits before using your bonus funds.

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How to Beat Wagering Requirements

Beating wagering requirements to withdraw your winnings requires strategies. Of course, you can bet with your winnings to continue fulfilling the wagering requirements.

We recommend the following tips to ace wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings:

  • Ensure you have enough money in your primary account.
  • Play titles that contribute 100% to the wagering requirements.
  • Note the maximum bet for the bonus.
  • Play games at the best online casinos.
  • Don’t withdraw your winnings without clearing the wagering requirements.
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Getting the Best Wagering Requirements

Sometimes, we use wagering requirements to determine the best online casinos. Game titles, user interface, customer support, and bet size are other factors to consider.

The best approach to getting the best wagering requirements is to compare offers from different casinos. You can start at one of our recommended sites.

Additionally, stick to your game preferences. For example, opt for free spins if you prefer slot machines.

Contact customer service if any information is unclear. Ensure you understand everything before activating a bonus.

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Terms and conditions define promotions. A 100% deposit match with a 20x playthrough is better than the same amount with a 45x playthrough. Review the wagering requirement of any bonus before activating it with your first wager.

Fortunately, the competitive South African online casino market has forced operators to make more generous offers. We’ve saved you stress by providing reputable sites to get started. Read our reviews to learn more about these sites and their bonuses.

Play responsibly, regardless of which form promotions take. Set limits on your wins and losses and take periodic self-assessment tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wagering Requirements

Are wagering requirements mandatory?

Some casinos offer bonuses without any wagering requirement. However, it is compulsory on most sites to assess bonus winnings. You need to wager according to the wagering requirement.

What should I do if my promotion is not activated?

Contact customer support if you can’t activate your promotions. Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you fulfil everything when activating them.

How do I beat the wagering requirement?

You need to wager the number of times stated in the playthrough multiplier. Some casinos only require bonus funds, while others require deposits and promo funds.

How do I get the best wagering requirement?

Review different sites and compare their offers. We’ve provided casinos and their complete reviews to get you started. Consider other aspects of the platform to get a smooth overall gaming experience.

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