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Online casinos and everywhere. An established one starts operating a new market, and a new online casino casino is launched. This is the everyday life of online casino sites, with many casino players worldwide selecting new sites to sign register and play.

When selecting online gambling sites for your next online casino experience, you seek a diverse casino games selection, a hefty bonus section, and of course, a great selection of casino payment methods to fund your online casino account. Without money in your online casino account, you cannot play casino games for real money, and you can forget about walking home with big wins. Funding your account is crucial, and so is the choice of your online casino payment methods.

So, what do South African players look for when seeking new payment methods to fund their accounts and start playing? Via this casino payment methods review, we discuss the various South African Rand payment methods options available to you at gambling sites in SA. We will also talk about timescales affecting your payment methods and fees charged for your online transactions. If you are a casino player seeking the best casino payment methods for your South African casino online gambling, this review is for you!

By Adiela de Bruyn - Last modified 2024/02/08 - Estimated reading time: 20 minutes.

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Payment methods Guide
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How to Deposit Money at South African Online Casinos

Making your first deposit at an online casino is not a hard task to master, yet you still need to know the simple procedure to make sure your player account is topped up with enough money for you to be able to play the real money casino online games. Once your player account has enough deposit money available, you will be able to claim bonuses offered by online casinos, join casino tournaments, and even sit at casino tables as you aim to beat the odds and other players.

When completing your player registration, you will be asked a set number of questions that will see you become a registered and verified online casino player, and you will also be asked about the payment methods and currency that you will be using to top up your online casino account. From the drop-down menu, you need to choose South African Rand as the option for your online casino banking deposits and withdrawals. Here is how to complete your first deposit at South African gambling sites:

  1. Head over to your online casino of choice using desktop or mobile.
  2. Log in to your player casino account using your email, username, and password.
  3. Once you successfully log in, click on the cashier icon which most of the time is located at the top right-hand corner of your casino lobby.
  4. Go through all of the payment methods available and choose one to complete your first real money deposit. Many online casinos also show the timescales and fees charged for your online casino secure transactions.
  5. After having reviewed both the transfer money timescales and also compared the lowest fees and higher fees, select the payment method to complete your money deposit.
  6. Select the number of real money funds you would like to deposit to your player account, normally these are listed in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 SA Rand.
  7. Review all of the information that you have input.
  8. Click on the DEPOSIT button to confirm and complete your money funds deposit at your chosen South African online casino.
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The Best Casino Payment Methods Available at the Best Casinos in South Africa

We all look for different things when seeking out new payment methods and options to fund our play at online casinos. Some players look for lower fees charged, while others seek fast withdrawals which are secure and reach you with no hassle at all. You will also find a portion of online casino players that want anonymity attached to secure transactions; indeed, we all look for different attributes when funding our play at online casinos.

Today we look at the various casino payment methods offered by gambling operator sites powering online casinos in South Africa. While not all casinos offer the below, here we review most payment methods available for online gamblers funding their online gambling fun.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit Cards and Debit cards are payment options offered by banking institutions and provide users with a convenient way to carry out online transactions without the need to open additional e-wallets or digital wallets. When using a credit card, you are using credit offered by a bank, with the money you owe subject to a % APR accrued when using the funds. On the other hand, using debit cards will see you utilize directly the money that is available in your bank account, without you receiving any bills from the bank at a later stage. Most of your bank transfers done from your bank account to your online casino account are immediate with no fees attached. The only downside to using credit and debit cards is the withdrawal winnings timescale that is attached, which sometimes will see you wait between 3-5 working days to enjoy your casino money wins.

Still, credit and debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and Maestro are widely used at online casinos in South Africa. They offer the convenience of not having additional payment methods or the need to have an online e-wallet. To use your credit and debit cards to fund your play at casinos, simply enter the card number in the information provided, along with your CVV and credit and debit card expiry date, and hit the complete button. Two-factor authentication is also needed when using bank cards for your casino transactions.


Operational since early 2001, Skrill is deemed as one of the swiftest, most reliable and offers the most secure transactions online. The payment option is accepted worldwide by many merchants and websites, which also includes the top-rated gambling sites in South Africa.

To be able to use Skrill as your payment option at an online casino, you would need to have a personal Skrill account operational. The process to open a Skrill account is done via the Skrill website and takes around 10 minutes to complete. Once this is complete, you can head over to your chosen online casino and choose Skrill as your casino payment method of choice. Both your Skrill deposits and withdrawals are immediate, with the latter reaching you within a couple of hours at best.

Using Skrill for your online casino payment methods will also see you walk away with specific casino bonus offers available at Skrill online casinos.


Neteller is not the new kid on the block when it comes to payment methods and has been catering for worldwide online gambling casino payments since 1999. Many online casino players seek Neteller as an alternative method to using traditional bank transfers or credit and debit cards when completing online payments. The payment option offers secure casino payment options, that will reach both your player account in a few minutes. Should you want to withdraw winnings at your chosen casino in South Africa, you can also use the payment option, with no stress, the lowest fees, and also fastest transfer money timescales.

The advantage of using Neteller as your payment gateway is that you have access to a multitude of online casinos in South Africa, with Neteller also offering all of your casino deposits and casino withdrawal transactions in the South African ZAR currency. Since many online casinos have also a long-term relationship with Neteller, you might find a handful of casino sites that grant you specific Neteller bonuses, when you use the payment method to fund your play at gambling sites.


Easy EFT as the name suggests is Easy Electronic Funds Transfer, and allows online casino players to transfer money swiftly and securely. The payment method is owned by a South African company, and possibly this is why Easy EFT is so popular with players who play from South Africa. Unlike when you sign up for digital wallets or e-wallets such as Apple Pay, EasyEFT does not require you to register and open an account. Players that opt to use EasyEFT at online casinos would simply need to enter their South African bank account details when requesting EasyEFT transfers at online casinos.

Popular payment methods such as EasyEFT also deploy extensive security protocols to ensure your casino's deposits and credit withdrawals are handled securely. After all, nobody needs their bank account or bank transfer details shared with third parties. EasyEFT promises that all of your bank transfer and bank account details are safe and secure when using EasyEFT for your online casino pay options.

EcoPayz / Payz

EcoPayz is a widely accepted e-wallet payment method that has been used to fund online gambling deposits and withdrawals for a couple of years. The payment method has both swift and fast processing time and withdrawal options, hence has become a fan favourite with many online casino players as one of the top payment options to use at South African online casino sites.

Using EcoPayz as your main online gambling payment method also comes with a barrage of perks and advantages. The payment method offers a physical card that you can use at online casino sites and keep better track and security on your online casino account. South African gambling online casinos also offer ample EcoPayz bonuses and offers targeted at players who use the payment option for their online gambling funding and withdraw winnings.

In terms of security and protecting both your personal and financial information, EcoPayz deploys both PCI and DSS (Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards) along with SSL Security Encryption. All of your financial information is secure and protected at all times when using the services of EcoPayz for both your funds' deposits and withdrawals.

Citadel Bank Transfer

Citadel Bank transfers are another form of bank transfer that allows your online payments to be carried out to and from your personal bank account. Eliminating the need to create an e-wallet account is another reason why Citadel Bank Transfers are now widely popular with casino players in South Africa. The payment gateway is currently teamed up with over two thousand banking institutions, that cater for player personal bank accounts.

Using Citadel Bank transfers adds an extra layer of security to all of your online casino deposits and withdrawals. Other payment methods such as credit cards and debit cards will see you enter both your card details and your name, along with the CVV and card expiry date. Using Citadel Bank Transfers at online casinos will eliminate the risk of the above personal information ending up in the wrong hands online. Citadel Bank transfers also offer a dedicated mobile app which you can download and connect to your online casino account for faster deposits and withdrawals.

The only downside to Citadel Bank Transfers is the number of transfers that you can carry out, which increases when you choose Citadel regularly.

SID Instant EFT

Just like Instant EFT deposit methods, SID instant EFT works hand in hand with your bank account and allows you to transfer funds in your bank to fund your online play. Whilst traditional bank transfers might take days to clear, using SID instant EFT will see you bypass that process and use your bank funds immediately to play your favourite casino games at online gaming sites in South Africa.

The use of SID instant EFTs has pushed forward not only the banking system in South Africa but has also allowed online casinos to partner up with the payment gateway to offer faster transactions to and from your casino account. It also eliminates the need to share your details with the casino, such as your Bank account details. Using SID instant EFTs also does not require you to register just like other payment methods such as e-wallets do.

Simply choose SID Instant EFT from the deposit methods available, followed by entering the amount of funds you want to transfer. Select your Bank from the available banks that Sid has partnered up with, and this is when you will be transported to an additional screen asking you to log into your Internet banking and confirm the payment. You will also receive an SMS to confirm and complete your SID instant EFT payment.

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The introduction of cryptocurrencies into our everyday lives has rocked the online world. Fast, convenient, highly secure and lower transaction fees are only a few of the perks that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer when completing your payments online. Whilst a portion of gambling sites is still not offering the services of Bitcoin to cater for your casino deposits and withdrawals, a big part of the South African online casino scene has embraced the introduction of Bitcoin as a viable online casino payment method.

Players using Bitcoin at online casinos benefit from added security offered by cryptocurrency payment solutions, with both your personal and financial information hidden. Other perks of using Bitcoin include the currency being decentralized, fees being the lowest compared to other casino payment methods, and most of the time, your cryptocurrency Bitcoin transfers are not subject to tax.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have also been a fan favorite and support many online casino transactions happening even now as you read this. Purchasing prepaid cards is easy and can be done either online or via a land-based stationary or betting shop. The cards offer various denominations such as 20, 50, 100, and 200 ZAR, and allow you to choose the amount of money. Once the card is available, you will scratch the card number and choose Pre-paid card options when choosing your deposit methods at an online casino. The next step involves entering the card number and also choosing the amount of funds you would like to transfer to your online casino account.

Having and using prepaid cards as your chosen deposit method allows you to have better control over the money and funds you aim to spend at gambling sites. Prepaid payment options give you the power to decide when to stay stop and no more. Something that both your credit card and debit cards do not offer. When using prepaid cards, two-factor authentication is not needed.

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What to Look for When Choosing Your Online Casino Payment Methods

Online casino payment options have always been on top of everyone's radar. We all have our personal preferences for what we look for in a payment method, yet we strive to find online casino payment methods that are fast, reliable, secure, with lower fees, and, of course, with the lowest possible processing times. It would be a hard task to outline just one payment option that fits all of the above criteria for your online casino fund's secure deposits and withdrawals, but we can still grant you a formula on what to look for when filtering payment methods and choosing the next one that will power your online casino secure payments. Here is a small checklist to keep in mind when shopping around for your next online casino payment method.

Safety and Security

What does it mean to have secure transactions online? This means all of your personal and financial information is kept safe at all times, with your information only retained by the online casino and not ending up in the hands of third-party individuals or entities. Many online casinos deploy security protocols and go the extra mile to ensure that your personal and banking information is maintained in-house and is also protected at all costs. Security encryption and also SSL technology are used as tools to ensure secure deposits and secure deposits happen at all times. Before signing up for a new online casino online gambling site in South Africa and choosing your next payment method, check out the security that both the site and the different payment methods offer and promise you to uphold.

Fees Associated with Your Online Casino Payment Methods

Higher fees are a killer when we are looking to withdraw winnings at gambling sites. Most e-wallets, digital wallets, debit cards, and prepaid cards do not charge you fees when you deposit funds into your casino account; however, things do work differently when we talk about withdrawing your online gambling winnings.

It is a hard job to find the best casino payment methods with a balance between payment fees and timescales. The goal is to find the best payment solutions offering the best processing time. We always suggest that you compare payment options fees when shopping around for your next online casino payment methods; however, do not overlook the processing times. A balance of both would be the ideal scenario.

The Availability of Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are transactions that you can carry out to and from your chosen South African online casino site from mobile devices. To perform a mobile payment, you can do so by accessing the mobile casino and heading over to the cashier section via the casino lobby. Once there, you can click on deposit methods or withdrawal methods to complete your transaction. If your chosen payment methods host a dedicated mobile application, you can complete your online casino banking with just one tap of a button, clicking on the payment method option, which then confirms your transfer money options immediately.

Some notable online casino banking payment methods that offer dedicated mobile applications include Apple Pay, Skrill, Paypal account payments, EcoPayz, and also Neteller.

10bet payment methods

10Bet casino payment methods as listed on their website.

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Payment Method Processing Time

Most e-wallets offer you immediate transfers, with your online casino winnings reaching you within a couple of hours of you requesting your withdrawal. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer swifter fund deposits and withdrawals. The longest processing times are those imposed by bank transfers and credit or debit card payments. If you opt to use debit cards or credit cards for withdrawing winnings at casino sites, you might need to wait between 3-5 working days for any withdrawals to reach you, and this also excludes the weekend.

Online casinos and their respective payment methods offer different processing times. Timescales vary depending on the payment method of your choice. Before committing to popular payment methods and payment solutions, read the casino's policies relating to different methods of payment methods and processing times. Compare, and make sure your personal preference fits your online gambling payment method needs.

Available in the ZAR South African Currency

Your online gambling payment methods should aim to cater for a variety of currencies. This will make sure that a variety of players will use their respective currency when playing at online casinos, with no need to incur currency exchange fees in the process. Most e-wallets and digital wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz cater for the masses, and action millions of transactions worldwide, hence offering a variety of currencies.

If your chosen payment method is available in the ZAR currency, this means that your winnings will not be subjected to additional fees when exchanged to ZAR. To check if a payment method supports the ZAR currency, we suggest you head over to the respective payment method website and read their policies and terms. An online casino will list the ZAR currency sign in the payment methods section within the casino's policies. This shows you that ZAR is supported, and all your deposits and withdrawals will be carried out accordingly. Just make sure to choose your currency when registering at the online casino in South Africa for the first time as a new player. This will ensure you can view and use a South African targeted payment method, along with the ZAR currency when completing your online casino funds transfers.

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Reviews from other online casino players

Placing the player at the center of all we do is the motto that most online casinos advertise when you land on their glossy casino landing page. This motto is also mirrored by payment method companies that promise to cater for your online casino transfers. An e-wallet or digital wallet company will promise fast, secure and swift transactions, but at the end of the day, players love to hear feedback from other players. How did the other players find the casino's payment methods? How swift were the deposit payments? What different methods offer lower and higher fees? Are digital wallets as safe as they claim to be? What withdrawal limits are applied to bigger transactions? Can you deposit quickly using a mobile? These are all questions that online casino players ask themselves at any given time during their respective casino journey. Reviewing comments from other players is crucial for you to make a great decision when shopping around for the best payment options for your online casino action.

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Different payment methods offer players different things at online casino sites. This, of course, does vary depending on your payment options of choice. Digital wallets are fast and offer you an extra layer of security for your credit and deposit options.

The ultimate goal is to land secure payment options that will offer you secure transactions to and from your online casino in South Africa. Deposit methods along with online casinos pay withdrawal options vary from one casino to another, so doing some research is essential. If there is one thing that we always suggest to our readers is security. A secure deposit and a secure withdrawal means your name and account details are not shared with third parties, with both the online casino and the payment methods sharing the responsibility of offering you a secure environment for all of your gambling transitions.

Read comments about the process other players encountered when withdrawing winnings. Review different methods and their limits and fees. When you are happy with your payment method of choice, head over to deposit and enjoy your South African casino online gaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Payment Methods

What different payment methods are available at SA online casino sites?

Online gaming sites support a variety of payment methods to cater for all types of players registering and playing at the site. Players can choose from e-wallets, Apple pay options, e-vouchers, prepaid cards e-vouchers, credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods.

Can you deposit using your mobile?

Many gaming sites cater for payments done via mobile. E-wallet companies also offer a dedicated app that you can download to enjoy one-tap deposits to your casino account.

How do I create e-wallet accounts to go with my online gaming?

Players would need to choose one e-wallet after reviewing a selection of e-wallets that are supported by the gaming site. To open your e-wallet account, head over to the e-wallet website and click on the register option. You will be asked for your details and will be asked to verify your account. Once that is complete, you can choose the payment method from the cashier drop-down menu to complete online gaming transactions.

Can all deposit methods be used also for winnings withdrawals?

Whilst many payment methods allow you to both deposit and withdraw money at gambling websites, other payment methods such as Paysafecard only cater for your deposits. Bank credit cards also do not accept credit, and only allow you to carry out deposits. Hence, not all deposit method options cater for your withdrawals. Reading the different payment methods' terms and conditions would be ideal before committing to using one payment gateway over another.

Are your payments secure at online gambling sites in South Africa?

You will find different payment methods and deposit methods ready to cater for your SA gameplay, with most of them deploying various security features such as SSL and encryption. Your real money gaming at SA gambling websites is secure and also safe to use.

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