Online bingo and Keno guide

Bingo is one of the most well-known online games for South African players. The game is a relatively simple game to play, but it does have some complications associated with it. First, it works differently from how a real-life version of the game plays, mainly because it is on an interactive device rather than using a pen and paper. Secondly, there are different versions of bingo available to players. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the rules in place.

We have gone over the most important aspects of bingo to bring you up to speed with how to play online keno and bingo in an online casino. We've also covered some different variations to make sure that no matter which version of the game to come across, you'll know what to do to play online keno.

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Online bingo and Keno guide

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How to Play Standard Online Bingo

Playing standard Bingo is a relatively simple process. Your first act should be to find a Bingo site that you feel comfortable playing at.

Find an Online Casino

There are lots of different sites out there so you don't have to worry about not being able to find one. Just look for a casino that offers bingo and keno for free and paid games with the best reviews based on safety and top-quality gameplay. Once you sign up, you are ready to start playing.

Meanwhile, the first thing after signing up is to deposit into your bingo casino account. Once you complete this step, you can choose the game you want to play. Pick your Bingo game, pay the entry fee, and get ready to start.

How Bingo Works

The lottery game will begin with a bingo sheet appearing on your screen. These are the numbers that you will need to fill in so that you can attempt a win. As the numbers appear on the screen, you must click on the correct number on the sheet. This will then fill it in, as long as it matches up to the number that appeared on the screen.

If you click a number that hasn't been drawn out, it won't be filled in on the sheet, as the game will be aware it hasn't been drawn. Just like in real bingo, if you miss a number, it won't be automatically filled in for you, so you do have to stay aware when playing. If you manage to fill in the boxes in the right places throughout the game, you will win the specific prizes on offer. Of course, just like any version of bingo you play, there is no guarantee of player wins.

Most bingo games have several different prizes available. So if you fill in a line, you will get a prize for it. In other words, it is not just about filling in the whole sheet. That's why it is crucial to keep looking at your sheet to ensure you get all the prizes you're eligible for.

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How to Win Bingo

Avoid the Peak Hours

One of the best times to play bingo is when fewer people are playing. For instance, odd hours like the morning or late at night. There is a higher chance of winning when you play the game with fewer participants.

Acquire and Play Multiple Cards

The more bingo cards you have, the higher the chance of winning the casino game. However, you must exercise caution, as too many cards may become overwhelming. In this case, it becomes difficult to track all the numbers.

Understand the Rules and Flow

Different bingo variants have rules and winning patterns. For the best results, take your time to understand how it works. If the variant allows you to choose your card, avoid cards with numbers clustered in the same range. Conversely, choose cards with a diverse spread of numbers.

Manage Your Bankroll and Utilize Bonuses

Set a budget you want to play with and stick to it. At the end of the day, gambling responsibly helps you avoid losing more than you can afford. An alternative is to leverage the casino's random number generator and bonuses to reduce risk and increase the chances of winning more money. Above all, practice with free games long before the game starts to know how the casino pays and your chances of winning.

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How to play Keno

Your first step to play keno for real is to choose your stake. When you play online keno game, each will have different minimum and maximum stakes available. Hence, choose the stake that you are most comfortable with, and then you will be ready to start. After this, you will need to select your numbers. You can choose between 1 and 20 numbers while playing keno online, although some only allow between 1 and 10 out of a total of 80 numbers.

To play online keno for real money, 20 balls will be drawn at random. This means that a quarter of the balls will be drawn from the machine. Depending on the amount of numbers that you have chosen to play online, the odds of drawing the right numbers will increase or decrease.

For example, if you choose 20 numbers and you manage to match all 20 when you play online keno, it will offer the highest potential payout due to the chance of occurrence being much lower than the other options. However, if you chose just a single ball in a keno online game, you would get a better payout for this than if you only got a single ball from a pick of 20. Each lottery game will offer slightly different but great odds, so it's best to check around for the best keno odds when playing keno online.

Playing keno online may be one of the lesser-known bingo variations on the market, but it's one of the most fun. If you want to try out a different version of bingo then online Keno for real is the gambling game to try.

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How to Win Online Keno Games

Choose Casinos with Better Keno Payouts

Paid and free Keno games have different payouts. For instance, you can choose up to 10 or 20 numbers to bet on, and 20 out of 80 are drawn. In the same way, some casinos offer better payouts than others. Hence, shop around to find a casino site with the best deals. Better still, play free keno to familiarize yourself with pay table, keno numbers, and other terminologies.

Choose Numbers Strategically

Don’t focus on a small cluster of winning numbers. Instead, spread your selection across the keno board and mix high and low draw numbers when picking your spots. Above all, consider sticking with the same numbers in each game round to add personalization to the online keno game.

Play Small Bets to Manage Real Money

If you’re playing the game for fun, play smaller bets to avoid risking more real money. Some online keno games have jackpots that grow over time. We recommend you look for jackpots, bonuses, and additional features that save money.

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Bingo and keno games are lottery-styled casino games. However, they have different gameplay, presentation, and rules. Regardless, the most important thing is that you can make real money with enough practice. Try your hands on free keno games to refine your strategy and manage your bankroll effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Keno

Can you play keno online or bingo for real money?

Yes, the top keno casinos allow players older than 18 years or the legal gambling age to place bets on bingo or online keno games and win real money. That said, some casino sites let players play keno games for free without the option to win real cash.

Is online keno and bingo the same thing?

No, the games are not the same. Despite being lottery-style casino games, online keno allows players to choose their winning numbers while they are predetermined in bingo.

Can I play bingo on a mobile device?

Online casinos with HTML5 technology allow you to play bingo games across various devices via a web browser, provided there is an internet connection. They include Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Furthermore, some gambling sites have dedicated mobile apps for convenient gameplay.

How many games can you play in online casinos?

There is no cap on the games available in a casino. Apart from free keno games, other popular games players can score bigger wins include slots, blackjack, roulette, and blackjack.

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