HTML5 casinos

Try playing a game not created for touchscreen mobile devices on your smartphone. You’ll need to connect a mouse to your current screen device, an experience that won’t feel nice. That was how online casino games looked before the new HTLM5 framework.

Online gambling sites resorted to mobile applications as browsers barely supported the add-ons needed to play online casino games. The typical web page struggled to integrate audio and video to give a smooth gambling experience and maximize touchscreen capabilities. For a while, the world turned to downloading online casino applications.

Today, a typical online slot machine runs smoothly, even on the most common mobile devices. You only need a simple mobile device with an internet connection to access online games through the online casino website. With that in mind, we’ll see why we no longer must download online casino applications to play online casino games.

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HTML5 casinos

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    10Bet Casino
    10Bet Casino Since 2003
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    Zar Casino
    Zar Casino Since 2006
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    SpringBok casino
    SpringBok casino Since 2012
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    Yeti casino
    Yeti casino Since 2017
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    Yebo Casino
    Yebo Casino Since 2014
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HTML5 Overview

Flash players were the go-to plug-ins for gambling on a mobile device. Some browsers, like Chrome, have Flash extensions for quicker integration. These plug-ins allowed users to view multimedia content on a website, including casino games, videos, and animations.

For a while, online casino developers created their games with Flash support. It was the only way players could play the games on internet browsers. The approach worked, but efficiency was still a dream when gambling on an online casino mobile website.

HTML5 stands for hypertext mark-up language 5. Website developers use this latest version to structure and present their content on the World Wide Web. Most importantly, it is open-source and more accessible than Flash.

This new technology brought significant improvements over the other framework (Flash). Soon, casino games in the previous framework were phased out. It soon became clear that the new technology was staying when Chrome and Firefox dropped Flash support.

NetEnt latched on to the new technology to create its Touch collection of HTML5 casino games for mobile device users. With Apple announcing its approval of gambling apps, the technology took flight.

Before, web development for online casino games relied on third-party plugins with a Zip package. However, video and full audio compatibility continued to be challenging for the average user.

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Life Before HTML5 Casino Games

As mentioned earlier, gambling services on internet browsers came through Flash support. You had to download and install the player to gamble. Still, the now-outdated technology posed challenges as it was never fully compatible with some casino games.

Gaming solutions for web use on internet-enabled devices have relied on this technology for years. Online casinos embraced it, developing their platform features for the average user. Some still have slot machines in their game library using this technology.

While HTML5 casino games are much better, with more optimized platform features, Flash support wasn’t so bad. The most prominent advantage of that development was the instant-play support for games. Hence, the average user could play games without downloading any gambling software.

In the era of getting computer viruses through website downloads, Flash-enabled games grew in popularity. The quick launch and easy access to internet-enabled devices bolstered development with this framework.

Another advantage was the quick access to slow internet connections. Casino games developed with this framework required lower bandwidth. Hence, most online casinos developed their business models around this framework.

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Why Developers Switched to HTML5 Casino Games in the Industry

Any user who loads online slot machines on any website can attest to the smooth gameplay. It’s easy to play, win, deposit, and withdraw from your casino account. You can load HTML5 casino games on your mobile website and get a fluid response.

Casinos have switched to this new framework for their game development and feature optimization. Their services are accessible on a simple website without the need for downloading. Today, the average slot machine is fully compatible with the typical mobile device with the internet.

Reasons why website development for casino games switched to HTML5

Here are the top reasons why online casinos prefer the new framework for their website development:

  • Prominent flash players like Adobe consume massive resources, resulting in high CPU usage and quick battery drain. The situation was much worse on an average mobile device.
  • Security vulnerabilities made the previous framework less secure than the new one.
  • HTML5 has better compatibility with the average mobile device. This is a massive plus for website game development in today’s world, where people turn to their smartphones and tablets. Games are a click-away for the average user.
  • The new framework is an open-source platform. Hence, it is more accessible for game development.
  • The new platform has better graphics and audio quality. These are essential for creating immersive gameplay, especially in online casino slots.
  • The new platform is more flexible. Game providers can quickly develop and deploy new games across different platforms, including online slots and table games. That is why it is easy to integrate their software into various casinos.
  • Operators and game providers can optimize their games for search engines. HTML5 provides tools for better SEO optimization.
  • Small and medium casinos and game developers can create cost-effective gaming options and features quickly.
  • The new framework is more future-proof for online game development. Adobe has discontinued Flash support.
  • The online casino experience is more user-friendly, slots perform better, and navigation is smoother.

If you’ve played games using a Flash player, you’d appreciate the ease and smoothness of HTML5.

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Mobile Online Casino Games

Two decades ago, picking up an online slot machine, taking a spin, and playing on the move wasn’t easy. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) was the first technology that gave us the freedom to play a casino game on the move. However, its sluggish response and lack of support for real-money casino gaming made it an unpopular choice.

The Java Platform Micro Edition (JavaScript) came on board, revolutionizing game design in the casino market. Casino game titles were faster and running smoother with enhanced security.

Today, HTML5-developed casino game titles flood the market. Providers have reproduced their prominent titles for the new HTML5 market. Of course, the business models have changed, with sales demanding monthly releases.

Mobile games for the new framework include the following:

Video slots

Video slots are the go-to options if you prefer a spin or two in your gaming sessions. Today’s typical slot machine runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets. The graphics and animations remain immersive when switching from a desktop.

You don’t need to own a PC before playing an online slot machine. Online slots provide a huge market for game makers. Also, they feature exciting bonuses with free spins, bonus cash, and other rewards.

Scratch cards

Slots are not the only way to have fun on online gaming sites. Scratch cards and other instant-win games are ideal. They have similar intrigue to video slots.

Instant games feature quick gameplay. They might not have bonuses like online slots, but they are just as exciting. Hence, playing on the move is more likely to be what you pick during your gaming sessions.

Table games

A quick game with dice or cards is possible, thanks to their availability on smartphones and tablets. Just look for your favorite casinos and explore their game lobby. While you won’t have large-screen games, their features and bonuses remain the same.

Blackjack and roulette are popular options you can play on mobile. You can also take on the live dealer versions and still play effectively. Fortunately, these games feature on most sites, reducing the process to a matter of choice.

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The Switch to Web Applications

Sometimes, websites lack the fluidity of interaction mobile applications offer. That has resulted in a shift towards web applications. Although part of the website, these sections are optimized for game interactions.

Casinos can design their web applications to function like mobile apps. They’ll share similar layouts, response times, and swift navigation. However, you don’t need to install a web app before using it.

Usability can be improved without disrupting operations. Operators can roll out updates without asking you to install them.

When picking this type, ensure the http and tag are secure. Do not play on unsecured platforms, regardless of how much sales they portray. Fraudsters can easily steal a player’s credit card details once inputted on the wrong platform.

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HTML has helped the casino industry achieve dominance in mobile gaming. The latest version 5 has boosted the sales of many operators as they roll out games one after the other. You can play on the move with your smartphone, win real money, and transact effectively.

Almost all online casinos today are HTML5-based. This framework has allowed operators to continue innovating. Today, we have web apps that provide better interactions than regular websites.

Ensure that you register and play only on licensed platforms. Their random number generators should be tested and endorsed. Pursue responsible gaming even on the move.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HTML5 Casino Games

How are HTML5 games developed?

These gaming options are developed in the third-party library CreateJs and HTML5/js. They have a scalable resolution that adjusts to the current screen, whether PC or mobile.

Are these HTML5-enabled casinos safe?

These casinos often have improved security. However, review the site's license and security features before registering.

Can I play for free?

The games do not require any downloads, and you can play them for free. However, some sites require registration before allowing access to their game lobby.

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