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If you have ever watched the world-famous TV show Deal or No Deal, you know the thrills, the adrenaline rush and the excitement the show offers. The TV show is American and will see contestants choose and open briefcases to unfold a cash prize. The prize money normally ranges from a small amount and reaches a million, with the contestant truly deciding the fate of the cash prize taken home. Deal or No Deal world-famous TV series that has been running for decades, gracing our TV screens with eagerness, resilience and above all entertainment.

Whilst many of us, only hoped to be on Deal or No Deal, this has never materialised, yet, if you are into engaging casino games or live casino entertainment, you enjoy playing Deal or No Deal online, via a live casino.

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Live deal or no deal Guide

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Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

You can now play the Deal or No Deal live version at any major casino gambling site that hosts a live casino. Evolution Gaming's Deal or No Deal Live has been designed and created in collaboration with Endemol Shine IP Group, the owners of the TV show and is currently available to binge on a 24/7 basis.

Apart from offering the traditional live game show activity, live studio Deal or no Deal also offers multipliers along with your prize money, hence amplifying the winning possibilities the game consists of.

South African players looking for a new game to binge on, and also the ones who hope to be a real-life contestant can now enjoy Deal or No Deal live, with a great amount of money and win possibilities up for grabs. Head over to your go-to South African licensed casino, hit the live casino button, and search for the live game show to land cash prizes. Deal?

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How to Play Live Deal or No Deal Casino Game

Before embarking on your Endemol Shine IP live game show play, we suggest that you learn and read about the strategies and how to navigate your way through the game show's main game. Each live version of the game is manned by a live dealer, who takes center stage in opening the briefcases, placing offers, and facilitating the overall gameplay.

Below, we talk about the live studio game and how the game unfolds via the live online version.

The Qualifying Round

The qualifying round will determine if you will proceed to the main game or not. But before that action happens, you will be asked to place your bet, with the game offering both small and bigger wagers. Once your stake is placed, players spin the three-reel bank vault in the hopes of landing 3 matching segments spread across the wheel. Players that manage the three segments will proceed to the next round; players that do not would need to sit one out and wait for the next qualification round to occur.

During qualification, players can toggle between 'easy' and 'very easy' modes, thus boosting qualification.

The Game Show Gameplay

Once the qualification round is complete, it is time for the main event to take place with the top-up wheel making an appearance. Players have the option to use the top-up round to increase bet values by 5x up to a whopping 50x. Once the prize top-up round is complete, each spin will cost the selected bet.

A total of 16 boxes will be presented by the live dealer, with 1 box allocated to a player, and the rest of the briefcases remain. Each of the remaining briefcases contains cash prizes along with each box allocated a different number. Once briefcases are opened, they are removed from the panel.

Deal or No Deal?

At the end of each round, the banker offers and asks the famous question: Deal or no deal? This normally happens once 3 or more briefcases are opened.

If the player opts to accept the banker's deal, the amount of money will be redeemed with the player having the option of heading over to the qualification round again.

Deal or No Deal live

Playing Evolution Deal or no Deal live.

No Deal

If the player decides on a No Deal option, the process will continue along with the banker's offers. The banker makes a main deal final offer when only two briefcases remain, along with offering you the possibility of swapping your final box with the last one standing.

Once you make your main deal choice, all of the briefcases are opened, revealing your cash amount of money winnings, along with the unopened box and the cash amount within.

Deal or No Deal Online Game Strategy

Deal or No Deal is a groundbreaking game offered by Evolution Gaming. When playing online, a small amount of strategy will always boost your game, and so will having ample game knowledge. But how does one boost strategy in a game of chance?

Some online casino deal game show players would advise settling on the first banker's offer, whilst others suggest waiting it out. It is up to you to evaluate what the banker offers and evaluate the offers. Another way, the Deal or No Deal game show, offers ample excitement, thrills, and winnings, enough to make your adrenaline pump whilst the game unfolds.

Deal or No Deal Live - The Big Show by Playtech

It is not just Evolution Gaming that offers Deal or No Deal game shows live at online casino sites. Whilst Evolution Gaming was the first game developer to offer us ways and means to play Deal or No Deal live, the story of the live game continues with Playtech. In late 2020, Playtech decided that they too would like to give a go to the Live Deal or No Deal game by Endemol Shine IP. The Launch of Deal or No Deal Live - The Big Show saw play Deal or No Deal game show live and enjoy a new take on the Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal Live game show.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live - The Big Show by Playtech

Just like the traditional The Big Show, the Playtech game consists of playing Deal or No Deal live, with the main game show goal being for the player to win real money prizes hidden in the three briefcases. During the game, the player has a choice of either accepting the Banker's offer or a covert amount of money that is located in the cases. Will it be a deal or with it be a No deal?

Live Deal or No Deal casino players would need to head over to the live online version at the live casino to partake in Live Deal or No Deal - The Big Show live casino entertainment. Here, you would need to purchase a ticket to participate in the Big Draw, the bigger your wager, the bigger the prizes you will be offered.

The Big Draw offers 16 all-numbered briefcases, with 15 numbers showing on the ticket that the player has purchased at the start of the game show. The remaining briefcases are the ones that will translate into the player's prize remaining. Once all the balls (like Bingo Balls) are drawn, all of the numbers and the prizes available will be removed from the overall ticket. This is where the Banker's bar will also be filled up. Once seven numbers are displayed on the bar, the banker's offer is made.

At this point, the player has an option, will the player take the deal or will it be a no-deal? If the player accepts the banker's offer, a deal is made and the game comes to a halt. If the player decides on a no-deal live, 5 additional balls will be purchased to continue with the Deal or No Deal Live The Big Show game. If the player opts to not buy the additional bingo balls, still the game will come to a natural end, and the briefcases are opened to reveal the final prize. To make things more interesting playing Deal or No Deal Live The Big Show by Playtech, players have another Banker's offer to boost one of the five prize amounts before the game commences. This will essentially grant the player a better chance of winning big. Also, a small mini-game is available to enhance prize pots. Look at it as a small prize top-up round, that will better your chances of chunkier wins.

Playtech's Live studio Deal or No Deal - The Big Show is a powerhouse. It is essentially the same gameplay at Evolution Gaming's Deal or No Deal with the additional side game and added perks to amplify your wins. Both live game show games offer thrills, wins, and ample elements of fun. Also, the Deal or No Deal live studio game show is possibly one of the only live groundbreaking games that feature two live dealers manning the game.

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