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Monopoly is the property trading game we all played on a Saturday night with family, surrounded by joy, fun and an element of competition. The multiplayer popular board game, had us playing for hours in the hopes of winning bigger prizes and erecting the biggest hotels. Today, we are all grown up, enjoying our does of online casinos in South Africa, whilst also binging on top live dealer games to amplify and boost our overall casino gaming experience. Whilst we enjoy popular games and live games at online casinos, there is one game we want to discuss, the Monopoly live casino games powered by Evolution Gaming. With our childhood go-to game now available to enjoy in augmented reality at casinos in South Africa, it is time to review Monopoly Live South Africa and give you insight into how you can master a good game of Monopoly Live.

The Money Wheel game is not a distant memory of childhood anymore, it has morphed into a live game virtual monopoly board, with bonus rounds and cash prize pots, with all the action powered by a friendly live game host. South African players looking to join virtual Mr Monopoly and start betting on the 3d Monopoly board, will get a better insight into what the game entails, the betting options and win possibilities via our dedicated Monopoly live casino game review.

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Monopoly Live guide
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Technical features of the Monopoly Live casino game

Evolution Game has equipped Monopoly live casino games with a variety of features to throw you back to the days of starting out playing the Monopoly board game. The Monopoly live money wheel is placed at the heart of the action, whilst Mr Monopoly stands proudly on the left-hand side of your screen, seated chilling and reading as he brings augmented reality to the table, and moves around to cheer you on as you play Monopoly live. Keeping the cheery vibe going, the music that accompanies your play is a happy one, with the game host also interacting and throwing in some dance moves in the process. This is the vibe that Evolution Gaming is going for with the Monopoly live game, with the game surely entertaining live casino games players that wager and play Monopoly live casino game.

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How to Play Monopoly Live Game

Your main goal and monopoly live strategy is based on the outcome of the wheel. Offering a bit of the same gameplay that Live Roulette offers, the money wheel game and your game host ask you to place your wagers, betting on which number segment the money wheel will land. The betting options for you here are represented by the 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls segment or the 4 rolls monopoly live segments. If you happen to play live Monopoly on a lucky day, and the wheel lands on your chosen number, you can win big with the number you manage subject to a multiplier bonus, the total amount of your bet ( 1- 2x multiplier, 2= 3x, 5=6x and the maximum bonus of 10 awarding 11x your initial stake. Monopoly Live also offers a bet on all functions, which you can use to power up your Monopoly Live gameplay, however, this does come at a cost.

Monopoly Live

Playing Monopoly Live at PlayOJO casino.

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Monopoly Bonus game options

Getting to grips with the terminology of the board game will amplify your Monopoly live strategy and also give you a head start on landing those big wins that Monopoly offers. Let's take a look at the bonus game features that Live Online Monopoly offers.

The Chance Segments

Should the Monopoly wheel land on the Chance segments, Mr Monopoly will offer you a Chance Card just like in the traditional board game, with the Chance Card awarding you a chance bonus. The bonus round will see you scoop either a random cash prize, cash prizes or a random multiplier bonus. Should you be playing at a max stake, this might offer great winning possibilities. Once your bonus is revealed, the game host spins the wheel for a second time, with game multiplier bonus offers to boost your win further if further multipliers are landed.

3D Monopoly Board Bonus

An additional bonus game is available when playing a Monopoly live casino game. To be able to partake in the bonus games, players would need to have placed initial wagers on the 2-roll or 4-roll segments available on the Monopoly live wheel game. When the wheel stops on either the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, the bonus rounds commence.

The bonus round kicks off with players joining the animated and charismatic MR. Monopoly live, as he transports you to an augmented reality Monopoly bonus game. He moves around, smiling, with the bonus game offering the same dice gameplay as a traditional Monopoly game.

When the Bonus game is activated, qualifying players join MR. MONOPOLY as he enters his augmented reality 3D MONOPOLY world and steps around the 3D MONOPOLY board collecting prizes, multipliers and more. The traditional game board comes to life, with the same board game's distinctive design featuring GO, Chance, Community Chest, Jail, Tax segments, houses and hotels all making an appearance.

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Where can you play Monopoly live games?

You can play Monopoly live game at various casino sites in South Africa. To check if the casino site is a dedicated monopoly live South Africa gambling site, you would need to register as a new player, and once registration is complete, click on the section that offers live casino game options. Here you will find further live game sections, with Live Monopoly available in the Game Show section.

Unlike traditional table games, Live Monopoly is only available to play for real money wagers, hence you would need to deposit money to your online gambling account to be able to join Mr Monopoly on all of the Monopoly live action.

Although Monopoly live is not available in Afrikaans, Zulu or Swati, you can still start playing Monopoly live at English, German or Italian Monopoly live tables.

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Monopoly Live Statistics

You will find many South African casino sites that offer you Monopoly live stats. If you are a seasonal player that is a pro at playing Monopoly live, you can analyse the stats that depict winning patters, winning segments, and the betting options that players indulge in. By taking a closer look at Monopoly live statistics, you will learn about how often a specific number is landing, and how often the 2 rolls and 4 rolls are landing. Live statistics also offer you the landing stats and percentages for the Chance card, with statistics available for the last hour, past 6 hours, past 12 hours, past 24 hours, past 48 hours and statistics for the past 72 hours.

Whilst live statistics give you a glimpse of all the live Monopoly gameplay, the game works on pure chance with Evolution gaming advertising RTP technology attached to the game and the main bonus game.

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The Monopoly name is not a new name to us all, and with Evolution Gaming adding a new game with distinctive elements for us to play online and live, it just amplifies our love for the traditional board game. The live game offers gameplay that derives from both Dream Catcher Live and Roulette, with players placing wagers on where the wheel lands, and players landing random cash prize pots, bonus round gameplay and multiplier bonus games in the process.

Although the game might sound complicated at first, players have the chance to view the gameplay as it happens live at various live casinos in South Africa. You can view how the game host spins the wheel, the overall gameplay, and how the bonus game comes to life. Getting to grips with the game equipment is an easy job, with the game host, the wheel and Mr Monopoly being the main features of the game.

Monopoly live online is available via a live studio, with both newbie and seasonal players taking a chance at placing bets on where the wheel stops. We do encourage both our readers and South African casino players to watch the gameplay unfold online to get to grips with how you can become the next player to win big at the Monopoly live tables.

Frequently asked questions about Monopoly Live

What is a Monopoly Live game?

Monopoly Live is a casino game that is based on the traditional board game, with the game offered at many live casinos in South Africa. To check if the gambling site offers live Monopoly, click on the live casino section and search for the game via the Live Game Show section.

Can I play Monopoly Live for free?

Just like any other live casino game, Live Monopoly is only offered for real money wagers, hence you would need to place bets to be able to sit and play at a Monopoly table. You can still stand by at a Monopoly game live, and view all of the action to get accustomed to the gameplay.

What bonus game options does Monopoly Live offer?

Monopoly Live offers a bonus game, where players are taken to another board, with the traditional Monopoly playing pieces taking centre stage. Here, you are allocated dice rolls to establish the bonus you walk away with during the bonus game feature.

How does the base game work when playing Monopoly Live at casino sites?

Just like Live Dream Catcher, you win at Monopoly Live by guessing where the wheel stops and lands. You have around 10 seconds to decide on which number segment you would like to place your bets. If the wheel stops at your chosen number, you walk away with a win.

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