National Gambling Board to Host a 2-Day Conference to Discuss the Online Gambling Situation in South Africa

National Gambling Board to Host a 2-Day Conference to Discuss the Online Gambling Situation in South Africa

Online gambling is a serious form of entertainment and business in South Africa. According to estimates, the industry is expected to become R35 billion-industry by 2021. Also, the growing interest in gambling shows no signs of slowing down, which is then expected to fuel the growth and motivate more operators into providing more gaming services to SA players. This ongoing growth and development of the gambling industry in South Africa have led the National Gambling Board (NGB) to plan out a 2-day conference. Scheduled on July 18 and 19, 2019, the conference will bring a number of stakeholders together to discuss the growth of the industry and identify ways on how to fully implement its regulation and monitoring. 


With a theme focusing on the dialogue between stakeholders including regulators, the NGB aims to share the results of its study and promote healthy discussions regarding regulations and monitoring requirements.


Promoting a Regulated and Economically-Sustainable Industry


This conference is one of the biggest gatherings related to the gambling industry in the country. It only shows the growing importance of the gambling industry as the main driver of growth and the economy. In this gathering, the NGB is expected to cover a number of topics and objectives. Primarily, the conference aims to share the results of its study related to the current trends and best practices that are happening in the South African gambling industry. The group is also expected to work with stakeholders to draft shared objectives and goals that can help push the industry forwarded. Also, the conference will act as a platform where operators and other stakeholders can network with each other to advance their interests. Finally, the conference is also designed as a way for operators and gambling companies to share the best practices and the best tools that are used in the business.


In this conference, the NGB has extended invitations to a number of stakeholders, operators, and relevant government agencies. The guest list includes provincial and national gambling regulators, casino operators and their shareholders, and test associations and laboratories. Specifically, this conference is expected to draw attendance from the South African Gambling Manufacturers Association (SAGMA), the Bingo Association of South Africa (BASA), and the Limited Payout Industry among others. The diverse composition of the participants is a sign that this conference is serious in addressing and tackling the issues related to gambling in South Africa.


The organization has also shared that they extended the invitations to civil society groups and other organizations and individuals who have a similar passion and interest in the industry. In a statement, the organizers welcome a broad spectrum of participants to help in their advocacy of promoting knowledge and awareness of the gambling industry.


When it comes to the actual content and sessions to be hosted, the NGB shared that they will cover gambling regulations and gambling technology.


The conference is just some of the many programs and projects that are organized in support of gambling regulations and monitoring.


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This news article was published on 07-17-19