Spin the wheel for a prize at PlayOJO Casino!

Spin the wheel for a prize at PlayOJO Casino!

Ever heard of PlayOJO Casino? Well, you certainly have now! New and existing members at this highly versatile and comprehensive casino can benefit from multiple promotions once they are in the site, however, there is one that perhaps stands out above all the rest. Certainly for now at least.


Via the promotions tab in the menu, entitled ‘OJO’s Specials’ players can find an array of these that are available, however, the OJO Wheel is the one.


When you opt in to this promotion you are presented with the option to spin one of three wheels each of which is set to three different modes.

What next?!

So, the different modes are based on your degree of risk. You can choose the ‘Wheely Easy’ mode, where you are guaranteed free spins, though not many, however, you can use these on any slot game that you want.


Or, you can select ‘The Wheel Deal’. Prizes here are bigger, though if you land a ‘skull’ symbol, this means that you get nothing. 


Lastly, the ‘Are You For Wheel?!!’ mode has considerably bigger prizes, but an even bigger risk, so you may want to think about this before making your decision. 

How should I play this?

Regardless of how many free spins that you win - just remember, this is free credit and you can use them on any slot and it could result in you winning even more free spins, which could transform into a jackpot win.


Where you may want to spend more time making a decision is on which slot you use your free spins, because this could affect your chances of winning. A lower volatility slot could return you lower amounts, though you will have more of a chance of getting something, while a higher volatility slot works in the other direction.


PlayOJO boasts a wide range of slot titles from some of the most notable software providers in the industry, so once you have won your free spins on the wheel - just remember, take your time!

Author: Adiela de Bruyn

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This news article was published on 24-04-2023