Grab a Fortune with Gerard’s Gambit!

Grab a Fortune with Gerard’s Gambit!

Certainly an interesting one from software provider, Play’n GO, Gerard’s Gambit depicts this being an educational slot, though, who said this wouldn’t also be entertaining?


With 10 levels on offer throughout the slot’s progress, this presents a different alternative to most other slots, while this is also set in Gerard’s mansion, with numerous events during the slot game depicting this.


Depicted on a five reel, three row grid, this does look a lot like most others, so you should be able to familiarise yourself quite comfortably and quickly, while there are 10 paylines that are fixed, in addition to 12 different symbols.


What more do I need to know?


Interestingly, this is an online slot that has a medium volatility level, with most new releases recently leaning more towards the high side. As a result, this could be quite a good slot for those who are new to playing online slots, while there are six levels of RTP (Return-to-Player) rates, with 96.2 per cent being the highest.


Another great benefit for players, is that the minimum stake per spin is 0.05 - most are either between 0.10 and 0.20, while the maximum stake for every spin is 100.00 - this amount generally being considered to be normal.


During the slot, each level represents a different location, the first being Gerard’s Mansion, before moving to Egypt, then Mexico, across to Greece, east to India, back to Egypt, Mexico once again, reverting back to Greece, once more to India, before returning to Egypt for level 10.


Of course, each of the levels colourfully reflects the different locations in the backdrop of the slot, while from a gameplay perspective, the number of available wilds, scatters and free spins increases at each different location. 


There are a number of gamble options in the game as well, which work in different ways. The first one is a coin flip which means that you can guess whether it is heads or tails in order to multiply your prize by two. As a result, a maximum of three flips are given, with eight being the highest multiple that you can win.


Then, there is the multiplier wheel, which means that each winning segment can award two times to 10 times your principal bet, hitting every even multiple in between. Finally, the third is the Hi-Lo gamble feature, with this, essentially being self-explanatory. This means that you have to simply predict whether the following card that is revealed at random, will be higher or lower than its predecessor. If you predict correctly, this doubles your award, with there being a maximum of two times that this can occur. Meanwhile, the general gamble limit overall, is 500 times the bet. 


What do we think of Gerard’s Gambit?


Overall, this is somewhat of a unique online slot, especially considering how adventurous and creative that it is in terms of its gameplay. Meanwhile, the graphics also speak many positive words.


What is good about it, is that as well as having a medium volatility level (compared to high), you also have a 0.05 minimum bet per spin, which is almost unheard of in the industry these days. One potential drawback for some players, is that the maximum win amount is only 3,000 times your original bet, which compared to a lot of other slots, is on the low side.


However, in general, this is certainly worth checking out, regardless of whether you are new to online slots, or have been playing for years. 

Author: Adiela de Bruyn

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