Is Undefeated Xerxes really your problem?!

Is Undefeated Xerxes really your problem?!

Hot off the ever-expanding production line at the immensely efficient online gambling software provider, Play’N GO is the eagerly anticipated slot Undefeated Xerxes which, ironically, is already fast becoming legend status.


Boasting an almost identical graphical depiction of the great battles that took place in ancient Persia, with the inarguable front of well in excess of an incredible 300 Spartan warriors and relative allies, this slot really sets the scene in dramatic circumstances and, is already making a considerable impression on the wider online gambling community,


This has literally rolled off the tongue of many a slot critic in recent weeks, and it is very easy to see why when you consider the immensely intriguing gameplay that is at the fingertips of many an online gambling enthusiast.

What makes this Undefeated?

Aside from the highly immersive and explosive graphics that are accompanied and complemented by an equally measurable soundtrack that is both gripping and tense and, again, almost patriotically uplifting in places, this is a slot that really packs a punch.


The wilds of the game are a key part of the slot due to the vast amount of difference that they can make to the various and different outcomes.  These have multipliers attached to them, which means this can have a fantastic positive effect on the overall payout.


Also, you should be aware that landing three scatter symbols will give you a highly generous 10 free spins that can very quickly assist in increasing your overall payroll. During the free spins round, wilds can land, and as a result, these could end up being multiplied to 25x your principal stake.


If you land five hero symbols, which really should be what you are aiming for, this will give you a terrific 25x your stake, of which you can wager from an incredible range of just $0.10 to $100. If this happens, it means that you would win an outstandingly fabulous $2,500 should you wager the highest amount.


This is a highly volatile slot, though, and that should certainly be taken into account. As a result, it means that payouts will be considerably infrequent, though when they do occur, they will be for nominally higher amounts.

What do we think of this slot?


Overall, it is fair to say that software provider Play’N GO has outdone itself here, because there really isn’t anything else like it on the market at the minute. 


You are thrown into the action from the first second, and it is perfectly exacerbated by the stupendous graphics that are on display.


Let’s also take nothing away from the highly gripping gameplay. This is certainly worth checking out as one of the best new slot releases of the last couple of weekends!

Author: Adiela de Bruyn

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