Get Your 125 Free Spins at Galactic Wins Casino!

Get Your 125 Free Spins at Galactic Wins Casino!

You will not believe what we have for you here. Galactic Wins casino promises a sensational 125 free spins with every deposit on the Game of the Year Spins promotion.


The Galactic Wins casino is one of the biggest up and coming casino sites in the industry and this is really being demonstrated here with this outstanding offer.


What Is Involved In This Brilliant Promotion?


Firstly you are given 125 spins with every deposit with this offer. As a result, only $50 will grant you 125 spins, while even $10 will give you an amazing 15 free spins. Imagine if you won a lot of money from just a $10 deposit, with one of your free spins. Pretty good right?!


Also, there are others in between. A $20 deposit, gives you 35 spins, you get 60 spins for a $30 deposit and 90 spins for a $40 deposit.


In short, this could potentially be life-changing and certainly give your year a boost.


How Do I Claim This?!


Firstly, you need to register at the Galactic Wins casino, which is a very quick and easy process - even on a mobile device.


All you are required to do is enter your name and contact details and you will be sent an email that will prompt you to confirm your registration.


Following, this, proceed to the promotions page on the casino site, or to your casino account, where you will find details of the different offers that you have available to you.


At this point, simply ‘opt in’ to the ‘Game of the Year’ spins promotion in order to qualify for this brilliant promotion that can really make a big difference to your month.


Claim This Now!


It isn’t that often that fantastic promotions such as this come along in this industry and as is the nature of it, they can change at any moment, so it really could be in your best interests to claim this while you can.

Author: Adiela de Bruyn

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