This new Release makes for a Wild Kiss

This new Release makes for a Wild Kiss

Rumour has it that the esteemed online gambling software provider Red Tiger has really upped the stakes with this incredible new release, Wild Kiss, and everyone is not only just talking about it - there is the odd smooch involved as well.


Let us not beat about the proverbial bush here - this really is something to write home about - in fact, twice and in a fax and two emails as well. The backdrop and graphics are quite simply groundbreakingly astounding - especially when you consider the amalgamation of the colour palette, which really makes for a complementary impact with the lush soundtrack.


Both graceful and visually stimulating, the Wild Kiss slot depicts that of a well timed release at a month of the year where something like this is definitely needed.


Just Pucker Up and Get a Load of This

On evident show is the fact that this slot has a lot to boast about. Should you adequately land a frog wild on the second, third or fourth reel, then you will get a 1+ multiplier applied and this can really make a difference, especially if it boosts your overall winnings.


Meanwhile, you only need to land just two scatter symbols in order to be awarded three free spins, which can result in a considerable payout. During this round, the princess symbol will fix in place and pronounce kisses on every spin that transforms all frog wilds into prince wilds. Should a frog wild land in this bonus feature, the free spins reset to three and this is effectively unlimited. 


And, if that wasn’t enough, if you are able to land five of any matching symbol, you will receive a payout of a marvellous 1.5x your stake, which is certainly a respectable amount for a new slot release in the industry.


Boasting five reels, three rows and 243 paylines, this is a slot game that really has a lot going for it and, guess what, we haven’t even mentioned the best part about it yet.


So, here’s the kicker, the maximum that you can win while playing this slot is an absolutely fantastic 9,883x your principal stake, which effectively means that you could collect $98,830 when you realise that the maximum bet amount is $10.00 - yeah, this really is incredible.


Are we feeling the heat?

It has to be said that this is a slot that does not really need any romantacising about it - it genuinely delivers on what it promises and you categorically will not be left disappointed.


Overall, the graphics look incredible and definitely should not be taken for granted, especially when you consider the impact that the slot has during the highly immersive gameplay.


It really is worth checking out and can certainly be ranked as one of the best recent releases of the last couple of weeks.

Author: Adiela de Bruyn

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