Betting on Basketball guide

Basketball is a popular sport around the world especially in the US. A basketball match is played between two teams of 5 players each. The aim is to score as many points by throwing the ball into the hoop and the team with the most points at the end of the match is the winner. The popularity of the game has attracted punters who seek basketball tips to improve their betting outcomes. In South Africa, basketball has a sizable viewing audience who also make basketball predictions on sports betting websites.

The most-watched basketball league is the NBA (National Basketball Association) and NBA bets are the most common wagers placed at bookmakers. NBA basketball is divided into two conferences (Western Conference and Eastern Conference) consisting of 15 teams each. These 30 teams battle it out to qualify for the NBA championship and win the NBA Finals. Some popular teams that play in the NBA include the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, and Miami Heat.

Outside NBA basketball, there are other leagues like College Basketball that fan can watch and enjoy. In South Africa, the Basketball National League (BNL) provides local basketball games for fans to enjoy. Some local teams include the Western Cape Mountaineers, the Northwest Eagles, and the Soweto Panthers.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about basketball betting including how to bet, available betting markets, and the best betting on basketball tips to stay ahead of the bookmakers.

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Betting on Basketball guide

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How to Bet on Basketball

To begin betting on basketball, you must first create an account with basketball betting sites. These gambling platforms provide punters with competitive odds and access to betting markets.

In addition, they allow punters make basketball predictions, which gives them a chance to win big. Here is how you can begin making basketball predictions tonight:

Step 1: Register with an Online Bookmaker

To register with an online bookmaker, you must first visit their website and click the "Sign Up" button to commence the process. You will be required to provide your personal information including your full name, email address, date of birth, country, and mobile number. Ensure that these details are correct because they will be used to verify your account before you are allowed to begin making basketball predictions. A valid means of identification like a driver's license or an international passport will be required for the verification process.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

After successfully verifying your sports betting account, you will have to deposit funds to place a basketball bet. The gambling site you joined will provide various means of payment. In addition, the best bookmakers for South African players are those that accept the Rand and eliminate conversion fees. You should also ensure that you look out for any available welcome bonuses and deposit the minimum amount required to trigger them.

Step 3: Navigate the Basketball Section

Navigate the basketball section to see today's basketball matches, available basketball leagues, and live games between popular teams like the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, and other teams.

Step 4: Choose Your Markets and Odds

Each available basketball game will have the available markets displayed for you to make your basketball predictions. Before you make a basketball prediction, ensure that you check the markets for the best odds. Better odds mean a higher payout if your basketball predictions are correct. If you are a newbie punter, try sticking to simpler bets, which give you a better chance of winning.

Step 5: Confirm Your Bet

The final step is to confirm your basketball bet by reviewing your betting slip. Once you are sure of your basketball predictions, input the wager amount and confirm the bet. You will see the total betting odds and the projected win based on the amount you have wagered.

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Types of Basketball Betting Markets

There are different betting markets available at online gambling websites. These markets provide punters with different options when making free bets or paid bets. Here are some of the available markets you can find at the best betting sites:

Moneyline Wagers

Money line wagers are one of the most common NBA predictions during NBA basketball games. The bet selects who the winner of a match is at the final buzzer. Most betting predictions and NBA picks usually consist of money line wagers. For example, in a match between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, the NBA money line picks could select the Los Angeles Lakers as the winners.

Point Spread Betting

Point spread bets wager predicts that a team will win by a predetermined number of points set by the bookmaker. Alternatively, punters can bet that a team will not lose by a set number of points. For example, if the Milwaukee Bucks have a -3 favorite and the New York Knicks have a +3 underdog, the Milwaukee Bucks will have to win by a 4 point spread for the bet to come.

Winning Margin Bet

This bet places a wager on the exact number of points difference between the winner and loser of a basketball game. It is a risky bet because if the points are off by 1, the bet loses. This bet is usually favored by basketball experts who have an understanding of each team's abilities. For example, if the bookmaker sets a winning margin of +5, the match has to end 105-100, 110-105, 111-106, and other similar scorelines for the bet to come.

Game Totals Bet

Game Totals is a bet that the total number of points scored in a game would be higher or lower than the points line set by the bookmaker. It is a kind of over and under bet that punters can use to bet on both teams instead of backing one over the other. It is one of the most common predictions in basketball betting because of its safety and beginner-friendliness.

Quarter Money Line

The quarter money line bet allows players to wager on the results of games after a quarter instead of the full match. Some teams may win individual quarters but end up losing the game. This is an easy way for punters to get the most competitive odds without betting on a full match.

In-play Betting

In-play betting is great for punters who like to make basketball predictions while a game is ongoing. As a team plays, there are different actions that can become betting events that punters can wager on. The best bookmakers provide free basketball streaming on their platform, which makes the betting experience more immersive. This is a popular market for basketball tipsters, as they love to follow the game live and drop free tips for their followers.

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Free Basketball Betting Tips

To get better at basketball betting, it is important that you formulate your own basketball betting tips and strategies based on available information. It is hard to find reliable basketball betting tips but with enough research, you can formulate a strategy that gives you an edge. Here are the best basketball betting tips that will improve your gambling:

Use Multiple Betting Sites

This is one of the most overlooked betting tips but it gives gamblers an edge when they place bets. Using multiple bookmakers allows you to find the best odds and the best games. Having multiple accounts also allows you to enjoy the bonuses from these bookmakers and increase your bankroll. Look for the best basketball bookmakers available to South African players and see what they offer before you sign up.

Follow Basketball Tipsters

Tipsters are experts who provide sports betting tips and free predictions to their followers on social media or through other medium. You can get free basketball tips by following the right tipsters online. These experts provide free basketball predictions and also use team stats and other reliable sources of information to provide important betting tips.

When choosing a tipster to follow, ensure that they have a track record of providing reliable basketball predictions. Furthermore, the tipsters you select must be experts in the leagues you want to bet in. If you want NBA tips, follow tipsters that are focused on NBA games.

The same method should be used if you want the best basketball tips from other leagues. Furthermore, following tipsters ensures you will be up to date with the latest basketball tips and recommendations to guide your bets.

Stay Current With Team News

Follow team news to learn about team injuries, lineup changes, and other relevant details that can change the outcome of a match. Using these details, you can make more reliable predictions and improve the quality of your bets. Ensure that you get your news from trustworthy news sources and official channels.

Use Data

Basketball stats are useful because they give you hard numbers that fuel your betting. Using facts and figures instead of relying on emotion will improve your win ratio. There are reliable data aggregation websites dedicated to providing important match facts and past data for punters and fans. Always use these sources when you are betting on basketball games to make more reliable bets.

Back Betting Site Favorites

Bookmakers usually have a favorite team they are tipping to win each match. This team can easily be spotted by viewing the odds. Basketball games rarely have upsets and the stronger team always usually wins. Therefore, it is in your best interests to bet on the bookmakers' favorite except your analysis states otherwise. One potential downside to backing the bookmaker's favorite is that the odds on the team are usually low but you can balance this out by using handicap bets.

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How to Select a Bookmaker

Using NBA picks or the best NBA tips will not help you if you do not select the right bookmaker for your needs. Using the right bookmaker is important because it gives you access to good odds, features, and markets when you gamble. Here are the factors you need to consider when selecting a bookmaker:


Always compare the odds of bookmakers before you settle on one. Using NBA tips to guide your betting will not matter if the gambling platform gives you low odds. Compare the odds among various gambling websites and ensure that the sportsbook you have chosen is the best. It is also advisable to register at more than one bookmaker so that you always have good odds on every bet.


The bonuses available at a bookmaker is another deciding factor you should use to determine whether to choose a bookmaker or not. Some bookmakers offer free bets, robust welcome bonuses and other perks to their users. Extensively check all the available bonuses that are available for punters before you decide.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is a fast growing segment because of smartphone penetration in South Africa. You should check your chosen bookmaker to ensure that they have a robust mobile gambling service for punters. Mobile gambling allows you to gamble conveniently without needing a PC. A good mobile gambling service will allow you to check your account, deposit/withdraw, and view betting slips from your mobile phone.

Payment Methods

The payment methods available must accept Rands and must have little to no transaction fees. In addition, the minimum deposit requirements must be reasonable and withdrawal processing times must also be minimal (0-48 hours). Bookmakers that have multiple payment methods such as e-wallets, bank transfers, and debit/credit cards should be favored over those that have fewer options.

Available Markets

The strength of a bookmakers markets should be considered before you sign up. Some gambling websites have fewer markets than others and as such are not suitable for bettors who want options. Multiple markets mean more choices for bettors as they can use accumulators and other options to increase their odds and win bigger returns on each bet.

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Basketball is a popular sport and just like other major sports, it has a large betting fanbase. To become a better punter, it goes beyond using NBA tips and watching live games. To bet on basketball, you must register at a bookmaker and verify your account. Furthermore, you will have to select the basketball league/games that you want and place a wager. Always verify all bets and potential winnings before you confirm the bet.

There are different markets available for gamblers and they are urged to familiarize themselves with these markets before they start placing bets. These markets include handicaps, in-play bets, point spread, money line, and games totals. Each of these bets must meet different criteria to be true and they carry varying levels of risk. To become a better basketball punter, players must understand how to combine these bets and how to tip the odds in their favour.

We also covered some of the best basketball betting tips which are sure to help you get the most from your bets. Follow the news to know how each team is faring and if there are any injuries or surprise changes to the line ups. Where possible, bet on the bookmaker's "team" as they may win and use handicaps to boost the odds. Always follow the top-rated tipsters, as they regularly provide insight and information that allows you to make more informed choices.

If you are new to betting on basketball or are a pro punter, this article will be of great help to you. We have covered all you need to know to improve your betting skills. What next? It is time for you to try out your skills. Happy gambling!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Basketball Betting

Is basketball betting legal in South Africa?

Yes, basketball betting is legal in South Africa. You can visit your bookmaker to create an account or use your existing account to place bets. Ensure that you only gamble at licensed bookmakers to avoid running into problems later.

Where can I bet on basketball matches?

You can bet on basketball by visiting a bookmaker and selecting a match and your preferred markets.

What betting markets are available for basketball bets?

There are numerous betting markets available for punters in South Africa. These include moneyline wagers, winning margin, handicaps, point spread, in-play, and race to points. Players are encouraged to only bet on markets that they understand. Where possible, they should familiarize themselves with as many markets as possible as this gives them an edge when placing bets.

Can I bet on a live basketball game?

Yes, you can bet on live basketball fixtures. Most gambling sites offer in-play betting for basketball. The best sportsbooks provide streaming services that allow users to stream games on their site. Check the sports section of your sportsbook to see if streaming is supported.

How do I get the best basketball odds?

You must compare odds if you want to get the best available. This is why punters are advised to have multiple accounts as this allows them to make adequate comparisons and choose the most favorable odds. You can also use odd comparison platforms for quick and effective comparisons that allow you to make quick decisions. Another trick you can use is placing bets ahead of game day, although this is risky, it allows you to take advantage of mispriced odds.

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