Bellagio Casino and Hotel review

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is a luxury gaming, leisure, and relaxation haven located in Las Vegas NV and is owned by MGM Resorts International. The Bellagio is themed after an Italian town of the same name, and it was opened in 1998. It is located at 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV 89109 near the Harry Reid International Airport which makes it quite accessible to guests.

The Bellagio can lay a legitimate claim to being one of the most famous destinations in Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV 89109 (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States) has become an iconic destination, and the Fountains of Bellagio is one of the most recognizable and famous fountains south of the Las Vegas Blvd. With its numerous attractions, the property offers guests an enjoyable stay with a never ending stream of activities. From making money at the craps table to watching a performance by the Cirque du Soleil or taking a stroll through the botanical garden, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino has an activity for every visitor.

The profile of the Bellagio was increased significantly when Ocean's 11 was shot at the site. It was a great location for the movie because of iconic attractions like the Fiori di Como, Bellagio conservatory, and the Bellagio gallery. As a world-renowned gambling destination in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino provides numerous gaming options for guests. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, slots, and poker are all available on the gambling floor. To many people the Bellagio name is synonymous with the glamour and thrills of Las Vegas.

In this article, we will discuss everything visitors should know about the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. You will learn about the available rooms, gambling options, features, and the different policies at the property. Here is all you need to know about the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

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Bellagio Casino and Hotel review


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is located at 3600 Las Vegas South Boulevard, The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada. Its original tower is a major stay in the Las Vegas skyline. It has fine art pieces like Fiori di Como, the fountains of Bellagio, and other additional supplements that make the property prominent.

Like most of the major casinos in Las Vegas, the Bellagio is in a convenient, centralized location making it easy to access the local transport networks. It is based towards the south of the Las Vegas strip and next to popular hotels and resorts like Caesar's Palace Las Vegas and the Wynn.

There is ample parking space for real guests traveling by car. There are valeting options at the main entrance of the Bellagio hotel or the north valet, which is conveniently situated near Interstate 15. There is also a cab service available at a great price for visitors who do not have a car. Guests who are members of the MGM rewards program can get the cabs at discounted prices.


The well-designed Bellagio casino floor is over 116,000 square feet in size and features all of the most popular table games like Roulette and Baccarat arranged by section. Gamblers who are interested in placing bets on their favourite sports teams can do so at the sportsbook. It is worth noting, however, that the Bellagio doesn't cater particularly well for those who like to wager with smaller stakes. It can be difficult to find table games with minimum stakes lower than $20. Guests should also note that they must be aged 21 and above before they are allowed to gamble on the casino floor.


When it comes to slot titles, no other Las Vegas casino offers as big a selection of video slots, video poker, and progressive jackpots. There are over 2,300 games available, spread across the casino floor, ranging from penny slots all the way up to $10 stake games. The Bellagio also hosts a slot machine tournaments that features large prizes, live entertainment, and great food.

There really is something for everyone, including modern favorites with new features like Monopoly, Willy Wonka, and Cleopatra, as well as old classics. For those who like to wager with higher stakes, the High Limit slots area offers machines that accept stakes of as little as $5 but goes up to $2,000 on some games.

Table Games

The table games available at the Bellagio Casino are suitable for high roller players. This is particularly true of the Baccarat gaming options, which are usually confined to high stakes. The range of table games available is impressive. It covers multiple variations of Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is particularly well known for its poker service. Their poker room is probably the most prestigious in Las Vegas, and it has been the venue for many of the World Poker Tour's biggest events. Every type of poker game is represented there, and for every type of poker player. From small stakes fun players to professionals and high rollers. There are regular small buy-in daily tournaments that are perfect for newcomers and beginners at the Bellagio Hotel.

Bellagio Las Vegas Sportsbook

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the US so it is no surprise that visitors can gamble on their favourite sports teams on the property. There are over 99 racing screens and 38 sports screens available at the 5600 square foot of sportsbook paradise. The sportsbook can host up to 25 tracks with bets which include Parlay, Super Teaser, Teaser, and Moneyline. Visitors should note that the sportsbook area is a no smoking zone.

There is also a mobile gaming option that is available for users of the MGM app. The app makes the betting experience seamless as it ensures that visitors can gamble from any mobile device. Download the MGM app on either your iOS or Android device to get started. New visitors can find out that all the information they need from the front desk of the resort.

Responsible Gaming

The resort has a strict responsible gaming policy which helps to protect the well-being of its visitors. It has partnered with GameSense to provide the tools that can help curb excessive gaming. These tools include deposit limits which help players control how much they spend betting, and time limits which control how much time players spend at the tables.

GameSense also provides tips that help players to monitor themselves and discover the type of player they are. With this knowledge, players at the resort can properly manage their habits. In addition, players are advised to reach out to the available help lines if they think they have a problem. Using the support resources available to player's ensures that the betting activities at the resort are within respectable limits per visitor.


The Bellagio has various rooms available for check-in at the hotel. Whether visitors are traveling for business or pleasure, there is an accommodation arrangement suitable for them. The Bellagio Hotel is known for its 5-star hotel rooms attached to the casino with its nearly 4,000 rooms managed solely by in-house staff. It is one of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas and it offers various amenities including a hot tub, mini-bar, spa rooms, pet-friendly rooms, and extra beds.

Bellagio Hotel Room

The smallest rooms, in the Fountain View and Resort class, are around 510 square feet, and the biggest rooms are around 626 square feet. These room options include remodeled spaces that have been expanded to offer the best in comfort and hospitality. If you are traveling with a large family, special requests like an extra bed will make your stay much more comfortable. Visitors can check in at the front desk but also book and reserve dates online. Visitors are advised to use the hotel site to book their rooms so as to prevent any additional delay during check-in and check-out. As there are several tiers of rooms available, visitors should carefully select the rooms that meet their needs.

Bellagio Suites

There are 14 varieties of suites available on site. The biggest of which may cost more than $5,000 per night, although many of these are reserved for VIP use. The rooms offer luxury that is comparable or better than those offered at the Wynn, Caesars Palace, and other leisure destinations at the Las Vegas Strip. The Salone Suite, Bellagio Suite, Penthouse Suite, Lakeview Suite, and Executive Hospitality Suite are all available for visitors at the hotel.

Bellagio casino

View from one of the (premium) rooms with Fountain view.


Guests looking for something to eat are certainly spoilt for choice at the Bellagio. They offer a variety of restaurants serving every type of food you can think of from Tapas to Chinese. Some of the higher-end restaurants like the Site Lago Cuisine and Michael Mina are quite expensive. If you are looking for a quick meal or a sandwich and a drink, there are plenty of smaller outlets. Including Snacks, Café Bellagio, Noodles, and two popular bakeries: Bellagio Patisserie or Sadelle's.

The variety of options available at the hotel is outstanding because there are at least two options for each dining choice. Michael Mina is the top dining destination for seafood while the Harvest and the Mayfair Supper Club are great for nighttime eating. If you love the Chinese culinary experience, the Jasmine is available to serve all your needs without fuss. There are also buffet options available for those who want a nearly endless stream of food and drinks.

Members of the Gold tier or higher in the rewards program are entitled to priority restaurant reservations at the resort. All available restaurants from the buffet to the snack section can be booked on the hotel website. Visitors who want faster service are better off checking out restaurants on the website and their menu before selecting a restaurant to dine at.


The spa and salon service at the Bellagio compares well to those available at other top-end Vegas casino complexes. The hotel gives its visitors access to the Eucalyptus steam room, a sauna, three Jacuzzis and a fitness center, which hosts a range of classes such as yoga and Pilates. The spa has some of the best masseurs in the business and the instructors for Yoga and Pilates are some of the top names in the industry. It is also named as one of the top 10 spa destinations by Elle magazine due to its quality and standards.

The Fitness center at the hotel provides more than Yoga and Pilates classes for visitors. The resort has provided 24/7 (day and night) access to top gym equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, battle ropes, and other relevant equipment. The instructors at the gym are professional and courteous and would help you stay fit while you are on the property.

Outside the spa, the Bellagio has other leisure spots like the Bellagio Conservatory, botanical garden, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and circus performances from the Cirque du Soleil. The botanical gardens has a flower garden that is changed every season and offers a stunning backdrop for guests. Visitors at the botanical gardens can also experience other beautiful greenery.

There is also a spectacular fountain show that runs several times a day. The fountain has become a major part of the aesthetic at the hotel and it gives visitors a great experience. For those who enjoy nightlife, the Mayfair After Dark provides music, fun, and undiluted entertainment for visitors. There is an activity for every guest at the hotel so go through the Bellagio website for more information.

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MGM Rewards

The rewards program is available for all visitors at the hotel and casino. It is a way for visitors to become members and receive perks and cashbacks. As members spend money at the available services at the resort, they are rewarded with points, discounted prices, and priority access. The more points members receive, the higher they rise in the rewards program. The higher level members have better perks and rewards. Here are the reward tiers and what members should expect.


This tier offers members reward points for purchases, discounted room rates, and discounts to selected shows.


This tier offers members bonus slot machine dollars, free self-parking, and free rewards concerts.


Members of this tier will pay zero resort fees, $100 restaurant credits (unlocked at 75 thousand tier points), and an improved room upgrade.


Members will receive $600 air travel credit, $200 tier status restaurant credit, and an annual complimentary cruise. These perks are unlocked at 200 thousand tier points.


This is the most exclusive tier of the rewards program as it is only accessible via invitation. Members will receive complementary transportation, $500 tier status restaurant credit, and $1200 air travel credit.

Each tier gives members a reason to use the amenities and resources available at the hotel. Book a room, visit the gardens, see a show, or play at the tables to increase your points. Members should note that the return of unused funds is dependent on the individual financial institution that they use for business. International banks may take up to 30 days to return unused cardholder funds while domestic banks may take up to 7 days to return funds. For members who use a debit card, it may take longer regardless of their bank location.

Members are encouraged to clarify the use of their reward cards with the concierge or other qualified staff at the hotel. Ensure that all your payment issues and questions are resolved before you check out.

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The Bellagio Hotel and Casino offers players some of the best entertainment available to visitors in Las Vegas. From the moment you step into the property to when you book your room, the Bellagio has a host of activities that keep visitors engaged all year round. Want to bet on your favorite sports? The sportsbook is available. The table games and slot machines give players a thrill that is almost unmatched as the casino has the largest collection of games you will find in the South of Vegas.

What's next after activities? Feeding. There are numerous cuisine options from French to Italian to Japanese available for visitors. Members of the rewards program can get discounts on their purchases and points that improve their standing. There is a room for every type of guest as solo visitors or families can get accommodations based on their preferences. Visit the hotel website for details on each available room type.

There are cheaper casino options in Las Vegas NV, but none are as iconic as the Bellagio. While some complexes have aimed to become mini-resorts, it has stuck firmly to the old school casino tradition and offers high-class casino gaming and amenities that are based on quality rather than quantity. It is a popular hot spot for locals and international tourists alike, and it's fair to say that no trip to Vegas is complete without a visit to the Bellagio.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Bellagio

What accommodations are available at the Bellagio Hotel?

There is a room for every type of guest with the smallest rooms being 510 square feet. A regular room can fit between 2 to four people while the bigger rooms can fit more. Visit the hotel website for more room information.

What attractions are available at the Las Vegas Bellagio?

There are various attractions at the resort including the gardens, circus performances, and fine art gallery room.

What dining experience can I get at the Las Vegas NV Bellagio Hotel and Casino?

You can get Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and other cuisines at the Bellagio. In addition, you can also get coffee and snacks from the available outlets. Visit the restaurant section of the resort's website for more details.

What games are available at the casino?

There are various table games such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker available at the casino. The Bellagio poker room is known as one of the best on the Strip. There are also slot machines with different popular titles that players can enjoy.

How do I join the rewards program?

Contact the help desk for information about registering for the program before you arrive or when you get to the front desk.

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