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    Yeti casino
    Yeti casino Since 2017
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    Europa Casino
    Europa Casino Since 2003
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    Fun Casino
    Fun Casino Since 2017
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    Casino Tropez
    Casino Tropez Since 2001
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    Galactic Wins
    Galactic Wins Since 2021
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Pros of the Malta Gaming Authority

  • Accepts direct casino complaints by players.
  • Has stringent rules offering MGA-licensed casinos as safe gambling places for players.
  • Available at many reputable casino sites.

Cons of the Malta Gaming Authority

  • Complaints raised by players might take weeks or months to get resolved.
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What is the main goal of the Malta Gaming Authority?

As soon as you land at the Malta gaming authority website, you are greeted with the following mission statement ''To regulate competently the various sectors of the gaming industry that fall under the Authority by ensuring gaming is fair and transparent, preventing crime, and protecting minor and vulnerable players.'' This means that Malta-licensed casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority would need to abide by stringent rules, protecting the online casino player via responsible gambling practices, and anti-money laundering measures.

Core Values


There are various ways in which the MGA online casinos are expected to show respect to MGA casino site players. Offering the most popular casino games, offering the best online casino bonus promotions, adhering to remote gaming regulations and offering an overall great and safe online gambling environment to all visiting players.


MGA-licensed casinos are expected to show transparency via gambling sites' T&Cs, fairness, and having an open-door policy with all visiting players. Throughout the process, the MGA also promises to show transparency with online gambling companies and Malta gaming authority casinos. This is done via trust and integrity.


MGA Casinos within the gaming industry along with the MGA promise passion in all their dealings with casinos and players alike. Full commitment to the online casino player and online casino license is promised at all times, placing the player at the center of all gameplay.


The Malta Gaming Authority promises competence in the laws and regulations that they impose on MGA-licensed casinos. This will enable the online casino games player to enjoy a safe space when gambling on games of chance at online casinos.

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What type of services does the MGA offer?

The MGA offers a vast selection of gaming services that focus on both the online casino player and online casinos. Below we list some of the services offered by the MGA:


B2B and B2C companies that aim to offer gaming services in South Africa would need an MGA license to operate. B2C applications mean Business-to-client services and focus on the applications that online casino sites would need to operate with an MGA license. Other online casino licensed applications include B2B where game providers acquire a license to power favorite casino games at Malta Gaming Authority casinos. Other Games Act applications include Cruise casino applications, permits, audit applications and more.


Abiding by the Gaming Act and adhering to compliance is not an easy job for MGA-licensed casinos. Having said that, the MGA offers many online casinos licensed by the MGA compliance support and guidance on player support, licensing and advice on sports betting and controlled skill games delivery.

Enforcement Register

Before registering and playing at any gambling site, players from South Africa and across the globe can head over to the MGA-licensed casinos enforcement register and read about any violations that the MGA-licensed casinos might have generated. This includes also the loss of the MGA casino license.

Player Checks

Players have the option to check out URLs for gaming business sites and check the legality of remote gaming operations. Safe gambling frameworks are also available, with links on how players can seek help if they find themselves facing online gambling addictions. Players can also self-exclude themselves from playing at MGA Casinos and MGA casino sites. Complaining about an MGA-licensed casino is also an option via the MGA website.

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Types of Licenses offered at the Malta Gaming Authority

The MGA offers various licenses that would pique the interest of South African sites wanting to acquire a license. Types of licenses that online casino sites would look into include one or more of the following. Note that if a site operates an online casino, and also a sportsbook, they would need to apply for different licenses.

Type 1 - Casino, Live casino, Lotteries and secondary lotteries.

This type of license covers Casino, Live casino, Lotteries, and secondary lotteries.

Type 2 - Fixed odds betting, including live betting.

(Casino sites that also offer a sports betting section would also need this type of license to operate the sportsbook)

Type 3 - Pool betting, including betting exchange, Peer-to-peer poker, Peer-to-peer bingo, other peer-to-peer games and Lottery messenger services.

This type of license covers Pool betting, including betting exchange, Peer-to-peer poker, Peer-to-peer bingo, other peer-to-peer games, and Lottery messenger services.

Type 4 - Controlled skill games.

This type of license covers Controlled skill games.

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What is an MGA-licensed casino?

MGA casinos would need to go through a thorough and lengthy process to acquire MGA licenses. Once the MGA license is granted to the casinos, the best online casinos will be able to operate within the MGA jurisdiction, including in the region of South Africa.

MGA casinos' legitimate operations include operating within the regulations and legislations offered by the MGA. this includes the games, virtual sports games on offer, deposit bonuses and cashback bonuses T&Cs and safe welcome bonus offers.

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What type of games do MGA casinos offer?

Landing at MGA casinos players will be welcomed with many games of chance that are legal to operate. Once you log in to your MGA casinos account using your username and password and then hit the casino lobby. Once you find yourself in the lobby of MGA casinos, you will be welcomed with the following game options, offering both maximum bet and minimum betting stakes:

  • Video Slots
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Table Games
  • Other Casino Game Options
  • Sportsbetting

Online slots are widely available at MGA casinos, with options including classic slots, progressive jackpot games, fixed jackpots, Bonus Buy games, minimum deposit slot games, free spins slot games and themed slots.

Live dealer games are located at Live casinos within MGA casinos and offer the land-based experience with a selection of live table games manned by live dealers. Games include Blackjack, Roulette, Monopoly Live, Snakes and Ladders, Poker live tables, Baccarat and more.

Table games are offered live and also non-live. When sitting at a casino table, you can enjoy games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold'Em and other games which this time around are not manned and operated by a live dealer.

Malta gaming authority MGA sites also offer other forms of online gaming with lotto, bingo, lotteries, fixed odds betting, crash and mine games and instant games like scratchcards.

You might find Malta gaming authority MGA sites that also offer sportsbetting. This is a different betting option to casinos and allows players to place sports wagers on sporting events happening in the future or in real time. Betting options within the sports betting world are called betting markets, with each sport available to place bets on offering various betting markets and margins.

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What type of Bonuses do you expect from the best MGA casinos?

New MGA casinos know very well that being part of an MGA casino means offering the best MGA casino bonus offers. Players registering at MGA casino's legit online gambling sites can expect the following bonus offers to land their way. Bonuses can be claimed either via a bonus code or by opting into the promo when depositing funds to your casino account.

No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit casino bonus is a type of bonus offer that is granted to players when registering and verifying their account at a new casino MGA site. Bonus-free spins or free bonus money make up your no-deposit bonus, with no real money deposit needed for you to claim the offer.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is an initial deposit bonus granted by online casinos licensed by the MGA. The deposit bonus is normally a 100% deposit match of your initial deposit capped at a specific amount plus an additional amount of free spins that will see you testing out new MGA casinos. Gaming operators sometimes also stretch the casino sign-up bonus to your second and third deposits made at the best online casinos.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonus offers are sometimes called deposit bonuses and are granted to players who make deposits following the claiming and working through the T&Cs of the welcome bonus. In a nutshell, a reload promo is the bonus offer that follows sign-up bonuses. Examples of reload offers include cashback offers, deposit-free spins, opt-in bonus events, and deposit match offers.


Players will also be able to opt into games tournaments at the best MGA casinos. MGA casinos legit sites offer slot tournaments where players can sign up and play selected games to climb up the casino's tournament ladder. Players topping the leaderboards would be able to snag a cash bonus when the tournament is complete.

Game Providers events

Online gambling industry game providers team up with gambling operators to bring players many seasonal events. These events will see players go head to head and compete with other players in the hopes of landing drops and winning prizes and gifts offered at the end of the events.

Europa Casino MGA

The logo of the MGA showing at the Maltese licensed Europa Casino.

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Getting a Licence with the MGA - Things to consider

The Malta Gaming Authority offers many gambling licenses and services related to the gambling business. This includes offering licenses to betting offices and online casino sites. MGA casinos go through a tough process to acquire a gambling industry license, with the following being taken into consideration during the application stages:

  • A B2B license is granted to sites that want to operate within Maltese or EU/EEA gaming sites.
  • During the application stages and until the license is issued, the gambling site cannot operate or accept player registration or wagers.
  • To apply for an MGA license, casinos would need to provide Declaration forms for the Key People operating the online casino applying for a license. Once the form is submitted through the 'Request for Involvement Request', the MGA has a right to request more information from the casino applying for a license.
  • The licensee is required to pay fees related to the application process. This includes a one-time, non-refundable Application Fee of €5,000, a Non-refundable Fixed Annual Licence Fee of €25,000 and a Non-refundable Fixed Annual Licence Fee for operators providing solely Type 4 gaming services of € 10,000
  • Before issuing the Malta gaming authority license, and offering the green light to operate, the MGA would need to review the casino's business plan, procedures, policies, and how the casino intends to manage its player base.
  • The MGA requests that all casinos applying for a license provide a robust money laundering framework. This is monitored by the MGA periodically to make sure the sites are upholding the checks and procedures.
  • Both UBOs (Ultimate Business Owners) and the casino applications will have to show they are of good moral conduct and also show proof of their source of funds.
  • A technical review is conducted by the MGA when reviewing a potential new MGA casino site. This means looking into the technical and behind-the-scenes of the casino site, looking at how the site will be managed from the backend and how the overall technical implementation of the site will happen.
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Players complaints and Disputes made through the Malta Gaming authority

One of the features that make the Malta Gaming Authority great is the fact that the regulator accepts complaints derived directly by the player. By clicking on the Player Hub portal via the MGA website, you will be transported to an additional page for you to be able to complain. Here is the process of logging a complaint with the MGA:

  • Head over to the Malta Gaming Authority website and click on Player Hub.
  • Click on Lodge a complaint.
  • Enter your full name and email address used at the casino you are complaining about.
  • Enter the incident information, including the casino site URL, your username and also which game where you playing during the incident.
  • Enter the amount of money you are disputing, along with the date and time of the incident.
  • Describe the incident and why you have a dispute with the online casino site.
  • You can also upload files and pictures of the incident to support your claim and dispute.
  • Review all of the information and click the consent form, allowing the Malta Gaming Authority to investigate the claim on your behalf.
  • Click on the submit button to lodge your complaint.

Is the MGA a legitimate licensing body?

The Malta Gaming Authority is regarded as one of the highest licensing bodies across Europe, with many European and South African sites seeking an MGA license to operate. The licensing body is famous for finding a balance between players and online gambling sites alike and providing support to both when needed.

When we ask online casino players what gambling licenses they prefer their gambling sites to have, most always mention either an MGA license or a UKCG one, since both are stringent yet offer fair play. To check if the site is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, you can simply scroll to the very bottom of the casino lobby look out for the licensing information, or head over to the casino's About Us section. The license number can also be cross-checked via the MGA's player portal.

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Why is a Malta Gaming Authority casino branded a safe gambling site?

The Malta Gaming Authority conducts various checks and audits on-site. To regulate online gambling is one thing, but to uphold gaming licenses are standards is another. Once you make your way to a South African gaming site that holds a Malta Gaming Authority license, you can expect the following:

Responsible and fair approach to gambling

Responsible gambling is making sure that the player has the necessary tools to take action in case the player needs assistance with gaming. MGA casinos must offer links for help should the player need assistance with their online play. This includes self-exclusion, limits, reality checks and links to charities that assist problematic gambling.

Keeping player data secure

Player data shared with MGA-licensed casino sites include copies of player identification (ID, passport or driving license) along with a utility bill highlighting the registered address. Sometimes casino operators also ask source of funds to keep in line with KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. In this case, both casinos and casino operators would need to protect sensitive data. This is done by having robust technical procedures in place and SSL encryption installed to ensure customer data is secured at all times.

Your funds are always safe

Part of the MGA license asks that player funds and the casino operations funds be kept separate at all times. This ensures that if the casino closes its doors or ceases operation due to bankruptcy, the players will be allowed to get access to their playing funds. Other licensing bodies do not stress this factor, with the potential risk of all player funds being lost should the casino go bankrupt.

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How to find the best MGA South African Casino for you to sign up to

Many players ask us what we look at when we review casino sites. Indeed we have a simple formula that will help us dictate if a gambling website is worth the signup and registration or not. Here is what to look for when searching for your next new site to register and play


Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the MGA logo, at the bottom of the site in small print, you will also find the MGA license number. You can cross-check that license number via the MGA website to ensure the license is operational.

Game Content

Game content and game providers are essentially what make up a gaming site. Head over to the casino lobby, check out the game sections, roam around and check out if you like something or if the site lacks something you like to stake on. Some casinos also go the extra mile in providing game providers with filters.


Bonuses and offers are also part of the game. Without a bonus or a VIP loyalty program, the buzz might be diminished in your gameplay. Compare bonuses and promos and find the best ones that will amplify your gambling time.

Customer Support

Most MGA casinos offer you support on a 24/7 basis. Head over to the help centre to check out the FAQ section, check the communication methods via CS and speak to the team to get the feel of the department.

Payment Options

The MGA allows many payment options, but players from South Africa enjoy having the facility to use SA-targeted ZAR payment options. Compare payment options, by heading to the cashier or the FAQ payment section from the casino's help section.

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The Malta Gaming Authority has not been operational for decades and has only risen to prominence in recent years. Throughout time, the governing body has taken a balanced stance between casino and player, advocating for responsible gaming, whilst at the same time working hand in hand with casino operators globally to bring the best gambling experiences to your desktop and mobile.

After visiting, registering and playing at MGA casinos, we are happy with the absolute experience, and we would recommend South African MGA sites as sites approved and worth a visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Malta Gaming Authority

What is the Malta Gaming Authority?

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the regulatory body responsible for the governance of all gaming activities in Malta, both online and land-based.

What types of licenses does the Malta Gaming Authority issue?

The MGA issues several types of licenses, including those for online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and other gaming operations.

How does the MGA ensure fair gaming?

The MGA ensures fair gaming by implementing strict regulatory measures, conducting regular audits, and requiring compliance with technical and financial standards.

Can players file complaints with the Malta Gaming Authority?

Yes, players can file complaints directly with the MGA if they have disputes with a Malta-licensed gaming operator.

What is the role of the MGA in combating gambling addiction?

The MGA plays a significant role in combating gambling addiction by enforcing responsible gaming measures and supporting player protection initiatives.

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